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Akshay Kumar predictions which you definitely wouldn’t want to miss

We all love our one and only Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. He is simply irreplaceable as Bollywood’s action hero. Recently, he won our hearts in both Airlift and Rustom. His transformation from a masala flick hero to a serious cinema actor has been remarkable and unbelievable. He has come up the hard way for sure. Seriously, Akki rocks!

Akshay Kumar got his amazing share of fame in the year 2016 because of the Moon. 2016 was much better for him as compared to the Khans. An actor cannot be judged on the basis of one film a year. Akshay delivered all hit films last year which were appreciated and loved by people.
Akshay Kumar was born under Cancer Lagna and those born under this Lagna are very hardworking people with firm conviction. They cannot decide their goals quickly, but once they know their destination, they vow to reach that destination at any cost. No matter how Akshay Kumar started off his career,today, he has reached such a level that no one can compete with him. According to the Your Fortune astrologer, the reason people can see Akshay light up the screen is because of the Moon in his horoscope. The Moon has always helped him. He loves the colour white. Everything white, right from a white house to a white car, attracts him.
Today, many actors who started off their careers along with him have disappeared from the screen, but he’s still there, showing his magical jalwa as his heart and mind are as calm as the Moon. The only problem with him is that he demands a lot in a short span of time. This stubbornness of his acts as stress for him.

How will mid 2017 be for Akshay Kumar?

As far as mid 2017 is concerned, Akshay Kumar’s Lagna has one planet after another, shining and sparkling. He will find himself amidst controversies. Rahu is radiant in his Lagna. If Rahu is sitting alone in a house of the horoscope, then that person gets to rule. Rahu will help Akshay to stay in the headlines this year. According to Your Fortune’s astrologer, the middle of the year is going to be better than normal for him. The eighth house is the most important house for a person. It’s the house of sorrow and unrest. Mars is present in that house in his horoscope. Thus, Akshay has to make Mangal (Mars) strong to protect himself from the inauspicious.
Your Fortune suggests that Hanuman Puja should be arranged in the house as soon as possible. Whenever Mars is weak this year, it’s necessary to do Hanuman Chalisa ka Paath at least 11 times a day. He can be protected from all sorts of agitations by Mangal.
The 5th house is the house of child happiness. This house of Akshay has the Sun sitting inside it. At the start of the year, he will keep receiving happiness associated with his children.
The Your Fortune astrologer predicts that the beginning of the year will be good for Akshay Kumar. At the beginning of the year, he will be in the news more for his statements than for his films. The start of the year is good for money and wealth. He should keep an eye on his friends and enemies till the middle of the year. He should know how to differentiate between friends and enemies.

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