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How will the market be and when and where to invest money? Market, Money and Business in the middle of 2017

At the end of last year, PM Narendra Modi had shocked and surprised the entire nation with his Demonetization policy. Foreign countries kept talking and discussing about India and it had been said that such a massive step was never taken by any country in the past. And due to this, it was assumed that India’s financial progress will suffer.

It’s been months now and there’s still no money in the ATM but our country is definitely moving towards the digital world. According to the astrological planets, the end of the year was anyway going to be too heavy to handle. In the year 2016, from August to December, the year was going to be a heavy one for the market and natural calamities. The year 2017 has started very slowly on the market front. India’s financial progress is also going to be very slow at this time.

Saturn is very strong and that will cause problems

According to Your Fortune’s astrologer, all the businessmen and tradesmen will cry at the start of 2017 due to retrograde Saturn. From 26th January, 2017, Saturn is moving backwards and is retrograde after entering Sagittarius from Scorpio. The Indian market is going to be affected and influenced by Shani at the beginning of the year. At this time, things are going to be expensive whereas people’s earnings will come to a standstill and face stagnation.

A large part of the Indian population is associated with the share market. Well, at the start of the year, playing or investing in the share market will prove to be risky. All land related work will also prove to be deficit deals.

When Jupiter will enter Libra in June, then the Inidan market will be stable. All those who want to start a new business or their own trade, will have to be patient in the middle of the year. If you are investing a big amount in the market, then be alert and careful. The market will undergo umpteen ups and downs, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to tackle such a market with his or her abilities, courageously.

Your Fortune Predictions

Your Fortune’s astrologer suggests that if you want to do or start something, like a trade or your own business in the Indian market till the middle of the year, then be patient first. The time till the middle of the year is not right at all. The period from March to April will see something unpredictable happening in the Indian market for sure.

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