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Katrina Kaif’s horoscope has umpteen surprises in store this year – Astrology Prediction

Katrina Kaif is a successful A-list actress who has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood. She has a huge fan following. She has given us blockbusters like Ek Tha Tiger, Rajneeti, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, Singh Is King, Namastey London, Race, etc. She has always been in the news not only because of her oomph factor and her films, but also because of her relationships with Salman Khan and then Ranbir Kapoor. In fact, her upcoming film Jagga Jasoos features her and Ranbir.

Katrina is experiencing loneliness for quite some time. At the end of last year, whenever Miss Kaif tried to laugh, something or the other must have prevented her from doing so. Those born under Cancer Lagna are genuine-hearted people and that’s their biggest weakness, too.

Katrina’s Lagna is Cancer, whereas her moon sign is Aquarius, and hence, she shares whatever is present in her heart quickly. People who hear these things, make fun of her later on. Due to the Mahadasha of Jupiter and the Antardasha of the Sun, her past few days must have been heavy. The trauma of losing her loved ones is still there.

Luck will favour her

According to Your Fortune’s astrologer, the year 2017 is going to be quite lucky and good for Katrina. She is going to be richer and wealthier, thanks to Jupiter. The entry of Saturn in Sagittarius this year will also prove beneficial for her.

According to Your Fortune, she will be loved on the big screen this year. The beginning of the year may not be that great, but the middle of the year will be a successful one.  The presence of the Sun in the 4th house of her kundli has to be good for her. Right from the beginning of the year, the Sun will give her new and positive energy. She’ll forget her past and will definitely achieve success this year.

Regarding her love life

Your Fortune’s astrologer predicts that Katrina Kaif’s ex-flame and lover may return to her life this year. She can plan a vacation with him in the middle of the year, but this time, she shouldn’t trust him blindly. She must not share her secrets. It will be better if they stay in her heart.

A flurry of films and offers

This year, Katrina Kaif’s films will do better than expected, monetarily. By the grace of Sun God, she will also get many offers, which will include some great projects.

End Suggestion

Your Fortune suggests that Katrina Kaif should perform Brihaspati (Jupiter) Jaap Puja and Satyanarayan Puja in her house this year. She will then get relief from all her health problems.

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