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Poonam Pandey may create waves this year and rock bigtime – Astrology Prediction

Remember Poonam Pandey, the hot babe who claimed that she would strip naked if India won the World Cup in 2011? Every young girl and boy knows Poonam Pandey today. Once a child grows up a little, he or she comes to know about the mast pataka called Poonam Pandey. Till today, you must have read and seen all dirty things related to Miss Pandey, but Your Fortune brings to its readers all the 100% genuine astrological facts about her.

Poonam Pandey was born under Taurus Lagna. Her birth time which has been given to Your Fortune says that her good times have not arrived till now. The natives of this Lagna are mischievous, and sure and confident minded. They are extremely playful in nature. They are never satisfied with anything small and have big dreams. Whenever Taurus Lagna people are ditched in love, they become all the more determined to succeed in life. Hence, this very betrayal has taken Poonam Pandey to the top.

People who are born under the Margasira / Margashira Nakshatra, can opt for a career in films and fine arts, which will prove to be great for them. They have a deer-like shape and with this beautiful form, they can attract and trap anyone. Poonam Pandey’s personality is such that she drives people crazy in no time.

Mid 2017 Predictions for Poonam Pandey

The middle of 2017 is going to be better than just special for Poonam Pandey. Mercury and Venus are sitting in the 12th house of her lagna kundli, and hence, she will be worried about her lazy attitude. Yes, a person becomes lazy if both Mercury and Venus are present and ruling together in the 12th house.

The middle of 2017 is going to bring her loads of wealth and money as her Venus is good and strong. This year, between March end and May end, Miss Pandey can do something which will surprise and shock people tremendously. Mercury will set around this time and hence, she will work only and only for fame, without using any of her wit and wisdom.

According to Your Fortune’s astrologer, Poonam Pandey should take care of the health of her family members till the middle of the year. Her elders will need her care. If she does anything which will harm her family’s honour, then this will result in massive disturbances and major problems. Mid-year will be better than just ordinary for the arrival of wealth and money.

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