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Rahul Gandhi’s exile may be over now as his Jupiter is strong

Rahul Gandhi is the luck behind Congress. Today, the main reason of the downfall of the Congress party is Rahul Gandhi. The progress of the party is determined by the stars of its head. Right now, the Congress party is only there for the sake of being there – only ‘Naam ka Party’.

After seeing Rahul Gandhi’s kundli, one can chalk out his miseries from quite some time due to Rahu Dosha. This Dosha was the main reason behind his exile. Besides, his Venus is also bad. Venus determines the family’s respect and honour, but due to his bad Venus, Rahul Gandhi was not even able to speak properly. His opponents were raising their voice against him and his own people were also hostile towards him. In the year 2016, his kundli had experienced Mercury Antardasha in the Moon, which turned out to be really bad for him.

How will the beginning of 2017 be for Rahul Gandhi?

According to the Your Fortune astrologer, the beginning of the year will be auspicious for Rahul Gandhi. His exile will be over and he will find a place in people’s hearts once again. Till the middle of 2017, Jupiter will be helpful for Rahul Gandhi. Jupiter plays a major role in business and trade, and politics as well. And it’s sitting in his house of happiness. Hence, the start of the year is a profitable time for him.

However, his family life will not be good during this time. His honour will be demeaned inside the family. If he has a lover, he should guard against huge disputes and differences. Retrograde Saturn will also cause some problems for him. The truth is that Rahul Gandhi’s exile may be over to some extent. There’s total surety in the fact that in 2017, Rahul Gandhi can enjoy the royal taste of a kingdom with the help of others. He will also target his opponents at the right time.

Jupiter is helpful but beware of Saturn

Rahul Gandhi will be able to deliver good speeches with the help of Jupiter. Till now, his brain was being influenced by bad Rahu, but now Jupiter will cast its good eye and he will benefit.

Rahul Gandhi will get full support from his near and dear ones till the middle of the year. But he has to beware of Saturn and do Shani Puja to calm down Shani. If Saturn gets too angry or becomes too displeased, then it can hurt his position, but the possibility is only 5 %.

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