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Ravichandran Ashwin will be King, say his planetary movements

Ravichandran Ashwin is a world class spinner who has always showed his class while bowling. Though he is a carrom ball specialist, he does have variety and numerous bowling tricks up his sleeve. There is not a single spinner like him in the world of the gentleman’s game at the moment. Each and every batsman in the world fears him and is always careful when he comes to bowl. He is the backbone of the Indian Cricket Team bowling right now. He has proved himself in a very short span of time and is reigning supreme in World Cricket.

Till now, R Ashwin has played 45 Tests in total, but by already scalping 254 wickets, he has left many big and classy legend bowlers behind. And in One-day Cricket, he has already taken 145 wickets till now. When Your Fortune’s astrologer checked his Janam Kundli, he discovered that Ashwin’s Mars (Mangal) is really strong. According to Astrology, Mars is considered to be a major factor in a sport or game. It influences the sport strongly. Ashwin’s Mars is so strong that he will be able to break ample records in future due to his strong Mangal.

Predictions for the year 2017

Your Fortune’s astrologer predicts that Ashwin can be the King this year. The year 2017 is the year of the Sun and Mars. The Sun gives name, fame, respect and honour at the beginning of the year, and Mars presents the royal gift of the kingdom in the middle of the year.

Ashwin’s Sun is superior and is placed in the 6th house in his horoscope. No one can give competition to him at the start of the year.  He will create records not only with the ball, but with the bat as well. From mid-February to April, Mars will help Ashwin. He will lead the team in some way or the other during this time. Your Fortune is anticipating the middle of the year to be the best time for him. None of his enemies will be able to harm him.

Ketu’s influence will be a problem

But, in his 6th house, Ketu’s shadow is also present. The unpredictable can happen with a person when Ketu resides with any other auspicious planet in a particular house. Ashwin should focus on his fitness.  He may be injured during the middle of the year. If he doesn’t do anything about Ketu in time, then this will harm him tremendously and he may face big losses. If he gets rid of Ketu Dosha quickly, he can enjoy good times.

When Rahu is present in the 12th house, it’s slightly lucky and beneficial. The presence of Rahu alone in the 12th house makes the person listen to his captain or friend. Hence, it’s for sure that Ashwin will be very close to skipper Virat Kohli.

Your Fortune Final Prediction

The middle of the year will be a great one for Ashwin. There may be times and moments when he will be the King of the team. According to Your Fortune, Ravichandran Ashwin will get a lot of respect and honour in society during the middle of the year.

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