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Your Fortune may need your personal contact details such as your email id for the sole purpose of good and appropriate operation of the site and to send users relevant information on astrology and astrological products.

We want to serve you and help you in a better way and that’s why we may use your details to contact you and also for any kind of written communication. If you accept this particular Policy, that means you are willing to receive relevant information from our side. However, if you are unwilling to receive such information from our side, then you can simply back out and we will communicate to you exactly how to do it.

We promise to maintain the privacy of all your personal information. When the user places an order for a product or service, it’s up to him or her how many details he or she wants to provide.

We at Your Fortune ensure safe and secure credit card transactions.

We are associated with numerous advertising companies and this is the reason you’ll see and notice many ads while visiting our website. These ads may showcase and display goods, services and products you’re interested in.

You are the one responsible for your comments and conduct on our site. No abusive and foul language comments will be entertained and serious action will be taken.

Logging in or not logging into Your Fortune is totally your choice. However, if you do log in, you will have your own account and benefit in more ways than one as you will have access to many exciting things.

ऑनलाइन पूजा

भगवान हनुमान पूजा

भगवान हनुमान पूजा

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