Budh Jaap & Pooja

  • on November 16, 2016

Mercury is regarded as the God of Wisdom. When your Mercury is weak or Budh Devta is angry with you, you become foolish and all your wisdom related work goes for a toss. Shastras say that Budh Jaap and Puja must be done by the people born under Mercury at least once in a year.

It takes 2 days to perform this Puja according to the right rituals. To remove Budh Dosha and make Him happy, the mantra – Om Bram Breem Braum Sah Budhaya Namah – has to be chanted 9,000 times. A Brahmin priest is required to perform this Puja.

Puja Includes –

  1. Sankalp
  2. Budh Mantra Jaap
  3. Havan
  4. Brahmin Dakshina

Benefits –

  1. Wisdom related works start happening as wisdom and intelligence increase
  2. Chances of performing well and growing at the workplace or in trade and business multiply
  3. It makes you more communicative and practical and enhances common sense

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