Importance of Swastika In Hindu Rituals Performance

Swastika-hindu rituals

India has been using the symbol of a swastika or more than 4000 years to 5000 years, and it was only in Hindu rituals and customs the practice is seen even after several years. Not only in Hindu religion it is, but also seen in Buddhism and Jainism too. But as far as the importance of the Swastika is concerned, it has been symbolizing the sun which will bring large benefits to the worshippers.

So, the use of the symbols and their importance are as follows:

Meaning of Swastika
The word swastika has been derived from the Sanskrit word which means good or well existence. This symbol has been widespread in different religion that is always in use to express your wishes and concern for well being. Many public places use this symbol for welcoming and well-wishing for their guests.
In temples, offices, shops, cars you will always find this symbol drawn to express your well being and equally of others.

Four Directions

  • Did you ever look into the four directions created by swastika? When you draw it, the artwork is incomplete if you do not have the four directions in your work. They symbolize the yugas, Satya, Treta, Dvapara, Kali through the projections of the four arms.
  • Another important meaning of this swastika in Hindu ritual performance indicating its four Vedas they are Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharvaveda. You will always find about the Vedic connected to the swastika.
  • Well, the goals and aims of life are also mentioned which is pointed out by the four arms. The goals are Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. In the Buddhist religion also it has an of great importance because of expressing the goals or aims of a person’s life. For Buddhists, it means footprints and heart.
  • While depending on different aspects the meaning of this symbol that it carries various importance from person to person.
    You will find the uses of the Hindu rituals and performance with the artwork of swastika, different materials and colors are used to make the work more attractive and stylish. As, it is believed to be the sign that will bring peace, prosperity, and happiness.
  • In temples and sculptures, you will find the inscriptions of the symbols in the doors or pillars of the temples, and most common is the use of the swastika in account books. It is written at the top of the cover page as a gesture of good luck and prosperity.
  • You will also find these symbols drawn at the entrances of the houses or in business places which indicates to bring wealth and financial growth in the house and business places.

The swastika is an important sign that is used in Hindu rituals for different reasons and purposes. Its priority may be varied depending on the kind of the beliefs of people but it has always been used for ages. While you look back into the global history the utility of the symbol has been mentioned but in Hindu rituals, it can be observed in weddings, mandala space for offering prayers to the Hindu idols, and also for good luck in a house.

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