Chandra Jaap & Pooja

  • on November 16, 2016

We love the Moon in the sky. It’s so beautiful, that we continue gazing at it for hours and hours. It seems gentle, but once if Chandra Dev is angry with you, you develop a Chandra Dosha. The Moon is responsible for all our emotional aspects. In your Kundli, if Chandra Ma is negative, you can’t live life openly. No matter what work you do, a problem is always created by a person close to you.

To remove your Chandra Dosha, a Puja has to be performed following the right rituals. A pure Brahmin chants the mantra 11,000 times for 2 days and your Dosha is removed.

The Puja Includes:

  1. Sankalp
  2. Mantra Jaap
  3. Havan

Benefits –

  1. Makes you mentally fit and stable
  2. Gives you mental peace as a result of which you perform well in your workplace / business
  3. Cures you of mental disorders

Why don’t you take help from YourFortune’s astrologers and Brahmins? To detect whether you have Chandra Dosha or not, you have to share your Kundli with our astrologers first.

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