Face Reading


A person’s face is equal to a mirror. His behaviour and conduct can be gauged from his face.

What is Face Reading?

The art of face reading is called Physiognomy. When a face reader starts reading a face, he begins by reading the lines on the forehead. There are infinite visible and invisible lines. Just by observing the face, a Physiognomist can predict everything about the past, present and the future.

How It Works

The facial shape matters the most. A round-faced person is sensitive, loving and caring, and he also has strong sexual fantasies. Such a person is committed and is ideal for a stable and long-term relationship.

On the other hand, an oval-faced person is somewhat balanced, sweet and charming. They make for good diplomats and women, good artists.

Now, let’s come to the eye colour. Brown-eyed people have many earth-like qualities. They are down-to-earth and grounded.

Black-eyed people are mysterious, secretive and are known to possess psychic powers.

Guarantees Solutions to all Your Problems

People face problems in their daily lives. And the solutions lie in the magic of face reading. Be it any health problem, any work or business problem, any marriage and relationship problem, any money and finance related problem, any family dispute, any past, present or future dilemma, any fight or argument stress and tension, all the solutions are provided by the wonderful art and science of face reading. It gives you a picture as transparent and clear as water, and you are no longer doubtful of yourself. You also discover many new and unique things about yourself, which you didn’t know before.

Your Fortune at Your Service

You can send a scanned copy of your photograph to our Pandit Ji at Your Fortune to know about your past, present and future. Our astrologer and Pandit have 10 years of experience in face reading.

This Face Reading Service of Your Fortune will make sure that all your worries are gone and all your problems are solved in a jiffy.

Consult our team of face reading experts without any delay. Post studying your facial lines, we will send you a Face Reading Report, which will include details about your past, present and future.

How you can BENEFIT from this Service

For gaining benefits from Your Fortune’s Face Reading Service, you have to first click on the link provided below and then buy this service by making the payment. Once you buy this service, then you will have to send your name, address, your photographs and the Bank Transaction Fee Number to us via the email id given below. After this, we will mail you your detailed report as soon as possible.

Moreover, if you have questions, you can mail them as well. If you want to send us your questions in audio form, then record, and attach the audio file and mail it to us.

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Our email id for this service is – pandit@yourfortune.in


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