How Can You Stop Your Child Peeing In Bed By Astrology?

Child peeing in bed

Child peeing in bed – Passing urine in the sleep is commonplace among children up to a certain age. There are times when they wet the bed in their sleep much to your annoyance. Your child is supposed to learn the toilet manners by he is one year old but there are children who take it a tad longer to get a hang on the same.

Though not a big reason to worry, but you should figure out why he wets the bed often.

A study says that kids irrespective of their gender wet the bed because they are stressed or there are unfavorable movements of the planets in their birth chart that prompts them to do the same.

This perpetuating problem can take a toll on his confidence. Even worse, they may be demoralized and embarrassed when that’s par for the course at an older age.

Here is a simple remedy that can treat the predominant problem Child peeing in bed:

The Hindu paranormal tantra can ward of the bed wetting habit in children. It not only saves them from going into the bottom of depression but also eradicates the unknown fear that they are harboring within.

This is staunchly called the totka among the astrologers who carries on the same on a sickly child. You need to install a picture of Lord Hanuman in a pedestal and light twenty two rose and sandalwood flavored incense sticks before him while you keep reading Hanuman Chalisha.

Thereafter, you should gather all the ashes of the incense sticks from the Puja thali and preserve it. When it is bedtime for the child, you should soak a pinch of the ash in Gangajal and apply it lightly over the navel and the lower stomach of the child. It should be carried out continuously until there is an improvement to be seen.

As an alternative measure, you can bring some ashes from the Hindu cremation ground or the Samshan Bhumi, put it in a silver box and make the child bury it below a Peepal tree.

Both the above said totkas entail miraculous results for child peeing in bed and you can suggest it to the others parents who are worried for the same reason.

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