This Is The Reason You Have A Low Self-Esteem, As Per Your Zodiac Sign!

Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem – Do you have a low self-esteem? Yes? No? I know that having a low self-esteem is the most difficult thing ever. We can’t be happy the way we are when we feel like we are unworthy and incapable to do things.

Everything just gets tough and we feel bad for ourselves.

Well, here I’ve mentioned the reason behind every zodiac sign’s low self-esteem.

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  1. ARIES

No matter what you do; you are always comparing yourself with your friends. You compare yourself with the so-called friends that you don’t even talk to. You keep thinking about what they are doing in life and how they are enjoying their life and you’re just here sitting and doing nothing.

You should stop comparing.


You have self-esteem issues because you don’t really like to do the things that you want. Even though you want to apply for a new job, you’ll start thinking negatively about it and then you’ll stay right there where you are.

You should learn to get out of your comfort zone.


Your self-esteem is low because you keep on questioning and doubting yourself. No matter what you’re doing; you’re always questioning whether it’s the right thing you’ve chosen on not.

This leads to over-thinking and that’s how you feel worthless. So, I would like to tell you, that you should believe in yourself.


You need to understand that there’s so much more to life than romantic relationships. Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean that you’re worthless. Or just because you’re having fights in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.

You should stop taking the blame.

  1. LEO

The problem with you is, you can’t stop pushing yourself into doing things. You want to make money as soon as possible. You want to buy expensive things and that’s why you’re more dependent in all those things.

You need to take a break and understand yourself.

  1. VIRGO

You know what; you should take things easy. Whenever you communicate with others, you should not judge them. The problem with you is, you start over-thinking. For e.g. a person is talking to you and once they’re done talking, you’ll replay all the conversation in your mind and you’ll try to dig it so that something comes out of it.

  1. LIBRA

Leave the past and learn to live in the present. You’re always dragging your past in your present happenings and this is certainly not a good thing. You need to understand that it’s important to live in the present without bringing the past up.


The problem is, you let others define you all the time. And the ones you’re hanging out with are the people who are not good for your life. So, you need to take a step and you need to cut your ties with them.

The people you surround yourself with should always motivate you – Remember that!


You’ve a low self-esteem because you think that you’re not a good person, ONLY because the person you like likes someone else. You give others importance, even though they don’t deserve it. Plus, you only FOCUS on the ones who have bad things to say about you.

It’s time you look around and pay attention to the ones who care about you.


Others tell you that you’re worthless and you believe them. Now, that’s the problem you carry in your heart. You know what; you compare yourself to the one you were in childhood and this isn’t cool.Things change and you need to understand it.


You should accept that sometimes mistakes happen. For you, whenever you end up doing mistakes in front of others, you keep thinking that you’ve done something really, really bad.


You keep thinking about the ones who are not talking to you. Especially the ones who were your FRIENDS but now they’re talking less to you. So, in this scenario, you need to understand that they’re not talking to you because they hate you. Maybe they’re busy or doing something else.

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