Palm Reading


The lines on your palms can speak out your future, but one must possess the skill of palm reading. It is said that Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati reside in our hands.

Just like Face Reading, Palm Reading too throws light on a person’s past, present and future.

What is Palm Reading?

Palmistry helps identify a person’s character traits and personality through a thorough study of the shape, size and lines of the hands and the fingers. Today, Palmistry is practised in India, China and Rome. Now, the study of palm reading is limited only to the Sanatan Dharm, but years ago, many people belonging to other religions also used to study, practise and use this Vidya.

How It Works

The 3 major lines are the life line, heart line and head line. The life line besides revealing how long you live or when you will die, also indicates about your life encounters, your relationship with others and your physical and emotional health and well-being. The heart line, also known as the mensal or love line, tells us about our emotional state and also about our physical and emotional relationship with others. It also predicts the heart health. The head line or the wisdom line reveals the mental and psychological state, intuitive abilities and intellectual development of the concerned person.

There are umpteen minor lines, out of which 2 are – fate line and relationship (marriage) lines.

The Fate Line is also known as the Line of Destiny. The line reveals the effects that people and incidents have had on a person. He or she had no control over such incidents. This line is connected to one’s life path.

Relationship Lines or Marriage or Love Lines, besides indicating partners and marriages, also reveal about relationships that are significant in an individual’s life. They also indicate the person’s ability to handle his relationships. A fork at the end of the lines may symbolize divorce.

Provides solutions to all your problems

If you have problems related to your love life, health, work life, business life, family life, marriage, etc, then it’s time to seek help from the proven art of palm reading. It will give you 100% genuine solutions in life. You will be able to face challenges head-on and overcome them as well.

Your wish is Your Fortune’s command

If you are confused or suffering, please approach Your Fortune. If you wish to consult us for palm reading, your wish is our command. Our team of expert palm readers will remove all your woes and solve all your problems. After seeing and reading your palm lines, we will send you a detailed report of your past, present and future. Have faith in our Hasta Rekha Adhyayan Report and just see the miracle…

How you can BENEFIT from this Service

Firstly, go to the link below. Once you make the payment for this service, you have to send 5 types of scanned photographs of your palms, and along with that you can also mail some questions related to your life, on the given email id. You can also mail us an audio recording of all your questions.

After a few days, you will get a reply on the same mail from our experienced and famous palm reading astrologer.

When you send us this mail, also mention your name, address, mobile or contact number, your email id and the Bank Transaction Fee Number in the same mail. Our customer care executive may also get in touch with you on the given contact number.

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