What Are The Signs In Your Kundli That Suggest You Might Settle Abroad?

settling abroad

Settling abroad to earn a better livelihood is over rated in India.

If is more of a wild goose chase in respect of India’s rapidly emerging economy, but then again, settling abroad is akin to touching the sky in Indian perception so there’s nothing much one can do to relinquish that urge.

Of course, if anyone has a dream to brandish his branded valuable like the NRIs, there is nothing to carp about too as we all were put on this earth to accomplish something.

So, if it is your dream to become an NRI, here are the signs in your kundli that might help you make the cut.

Horoscopic green signals for settling abroad:

Have a close look on your palm and you will see a few things that indicate you have ripe chances to settle abroad.

  • Mount of Moon:

Right under the heart line, there is a bigger part below the small finger which is called the Mount of Moon. If your Mount of Moon is well defined, all your wishes are going to come true. Now look closer, if a line from your lifeline goes towards the Mount of Moon, you have every possibility of settling abroad. Likewise, small and haphazard small lines in the same area indicate frequent visits to abroad.

  • Planetary positions:

The 8th and 12th houses of your horoscope are responsible for settling down in abroad. When you have a dovetail of Mercury and Rahu in the 8th house or the 12th house of your horoscope then you can have a hefty lifestyle in abroad. However, both Mercury and Rahu must be in weaker planetary while Mercury travels through Pisces and Rahu travels through Sagittarius.

If your 6th, 8th and 12th houses are posited with 5 more plants, your chances of settling down abroad deepens. And then, when the lord of 4th house settles in 12th or 9th house in your horoscope and 4th house being posited with Saturn/Mars/Rahu/Ketu suggest you can settle abroad. When a strong Moon or Venus sits in the 12th house and strong Moon sits in the 7th house, you are definitely settling abroad.

These are the dominant signs that suggest you might settle abroad. If you want to gain more insights, you can visit a professional astrologer.

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