How To Keep An Aries Man Interested?

Aries man

Are you making amorous advances towards an Aries man? Know already that he is a fireband and as nourishing as cyanide.

Your relationship with an Aries man will never be the bed of roses and you will have to work your intellectual bent of mind a lot to pin his interest. Aries people are easily bored and have a wandering eye which some people can label as a vice but it’s the attitudinal characteristic about them that keeps the opposite sex wanting to explore more.

A snooty Aries will have his egotism placed over you and it’s truly a challenge to breach the wall.

Having said that, here are some pointers to help you hold him hostage to your charm for long:

  • You should avoid routine stuff and inundate him with surprises. For example, go for a movie than usual dinner dates in the alternate weekends so that he doesn’t get bored.
  • Do interesting things for him like cooking exotic dishes or treating him to his favourite DVD. Either way, he will be satiated with your efforts.
  • Aries man loves to take the lead but he also likes a woman who can keep him on his toes. Wear a cloud of mystery around you and keep him guessing.
  • Aries people are sucker for experiences than pricey gifts. You should indulge in knowledgeable discussions more often. Do your ground work before that so as to appear confident.
  • Give him his required space and don’t pester him. He is free willed and independent but he is equally emotional and vying for security. You have to be the one who tightens and loosens the thread.
  • Don’t clip his wings. If he wants to go party with his friends, let him. Meanwhile you can also do the stag party to your heart’s content. An Aries man likes a woman who has a mind and camp of her own.
  • He may just lose interest if he is showered with your attention. You should act nonchalant when they are busy in their own space. They will grow curious why they are not hearing from you and text you anxiously to find out.
  • Shrinking violets in bed turn them off. Aries is a fierce sex symbol and appreciates if his partner is ready to experience new things in bed.
  • Tease him on his personal assets in the most intimate times. Instead of taking it negatively, they will take the challenge and try to impress you with all their might.
  • Be a cheerleader to them. If an Aries man has reckoned upon you for mental peace, give them aplenty. Always encourage them to find out their true potential. They will go bananas!
  • Don’t be timid when they are arguing. Always have your say loud and clear. You may not agree with his ideology so let it be heard. Don’t fear that you might lose him; you are actually keeping him intrigued.
  • Don’t correct him in public as it will hurt their ego a lot too much.

These are the few pointers to remember when you are dating an Aries man. It’s formulaic and if you comply with the aforestated suggestions, your relationship will be the benchmark one

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