What Are The Duties Of Brahmins As Per Hinduism?

Duties Of Brahmins

Duties Of Brahmins – India’s caste stratification is determined by birth.

The social classes are fundamental of Hindu society since time immemorial. Judging by the scriptures, one who is realized is called Brahmin. In other ideas however, say from the excerpts of Vajrasuchi Upanisada, A Brahmin is determined by character, conduct and attainment.

By and large, Brahmins are the chief of the other four classes in the society such as Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra.

But with the tables turned recently, Brahmins are reduced to the status of mere priests.

However, The Brahmins secured a higher reputation in the Indian caste arithmetic because they are believed to open the eye of divine knowledge and exalt it. Brahmana is the individual soul which is one with the myriad previous and prospective bodies.

The bodies that house the soul are made from the five elements of the Universe and are mortal.

The daily duties of Brahmins:

  • A Brahmin must wake up during the Brahma Muhurta in the early morning, 25th nadika that is.
  • He must clean his teeth and bathe in cold water to perform Sandhyavandana and Japa.
  • Next he puts himself through aupasana and agnihotra. There after he performs ‘Brahmayajna’ which is chanting of the Vedas followed by some tarpanas and libations.
  • During the second part of the daytime, the Brahmin teaches his disciples the Vedas or does Adhyapana. Followed by a Puja by offering flowers.
  • A Brahmin is not supposed to earn a salary so he has to make ends meet through begging. A Brahmin asserts the right to beg and he is given enormous wealth by devotees in return.
  • A significant part of the wealth is received as a gift or ‘Dakshina’. As per the scriptures, one of the six occupations of the Brahmins is ‘Pratigraha’ or accepting gifts.
  • A Brahmin is also expected to do the ‘Dana’ or donation to the have-nots. The Brahmin accepts gifts which are meant for charity.
  • Halfway through the day, a Brahmin should bathe again and perform ‘Madhyahnika’ followed by Pitra-tarpana which is libation to the fore fathers coupled with Homa and Puja.
  • Until the fourth part of the daytime, the Brahmin has to be done with all the rites meant for the gods, Vedas and the fathers.

These are the Duties Of Brahmins – Brahmins are the ones who carried the knowledge to generations. They are well-versed with the epics and Veda recitals. In terms of earthly wealth, a Brahmin is meant to be detached and absorbed in societal duties. They will introduce the humankind to spiritual knowledge and teach them the true art of living. Thus knowledge from the archaic scriptures will be retained for generations to come.

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