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Good health is the main concern for which we are regular in all activities. We efficiently look forward to maintaining the schedule of food intake with properly balanced diets and regular exercises are carried out that will reduce unhealthy habits. But somehow or the other you will find that the health may not be able to resist mental and physical health to a far extent.
In such cases, you have to consult an astrologer who can check the influence of planets on the health of the native.

Did you know that these strongest planets can create problems for your health? To some extent, it is the planets that work in prosperity, similarly these planets can lead to healthy life. It is known as medical astrology through which we can determine the present condition and the upcoming time.

When you consult an astrologer these are the criteria that are fulfilled for medical Astro.
The first house of the horoscope is important to understand the entire condition of the native. If the person can fulfill the goals, the career, find out the age span and the mental condition of the person. Therefore the house of the horoscope is essential.
It is the first position of the house who can determine the health of the native, if at any case the weakness is observed then it is assumed that the health will be weak and the native will suffer from bad health. Oppositely if the first house of the horoscope shows the strength than the native will enjoy the longer span of healthy life with fewer issues.

Not only the first house but the sixth house has the importance of determining good health. In astrology, the placement of Venus is not at all auspicious as it is considered as a bad placement in the house. Often it is considered to face bad situations when the sixth house is occupied by Venus. If the sixth lord of the native is present in its place then it is a malefic condition while the placement of the eighth and twelfth lords are present in the house it will lead to a good time and body fitness of the native.
While the eighth house is the strongest of all in which proper health depends. So those who have a long life span and are free from any kind of bad health it is due to the placement of the house.
Moon and moon ascendant defines good health so if you are having peace of mind and having less physical body issues it is due to the better moon ascendant.

Good health depends on the placement of the planets and houses apart from it the transitions of the planets are equally important. To find out the best solution based on the horoscope and the native you should consult a medical horoscope astrologer who will guide you on the present and future health conditions. Prediction of the medical horoscope is carried out by an expert, so you need to find the right person for yourself.

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