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What is planet Venus? It is the first question that arrives in the mind whenever we think about astrology and its possessions on different houses. Depending on the influences of the planets on the houses the entire astrology of a person is determined. Therefore Venus is the second largest planet that acts as power when it has possessions. When we look into the mythological stories and the Vedic astrology we can find the different importance of the planets related to zodiac sign.

Often you will study about the possession of the Venus planet on Thursdays. The impacts of planet Venus on Thursday may be described in the following way:

Based on the day the names of the planets have been introduced such as for Friday the name is provided based on the influence of Venus. While Thursday is possessed by the Jupiter both Jupiter and Venus have their characters and priorities.
Marriages: Born on Thursday it is already known that the individual will have great success and prosperity. Earn fame and money together with less difficulty while their luck will be favored by Jupiter. But what about their love life and marriage?
Venus is responsible for the love life and marriages and so the possessions of the house by this particular planet matter to decide the basic needs and results of the horoscope. It is important to understand the act when it is placed related to the zodiac sign and house. Both Venus and Jupiter are important and provides a great benefit.

planet-venusFew of the benefits from Venus are:

Feelings of pleasure, love and happiness it is all due to the influence of this planet. So if you are feeling that it is the time to get married and finally you get married then it is the influence of Venus planet. Are you a relationship believer? You can maintain a relationship and develop a healthy married life.

The ruler of love and relationship that can drive to adoration and romanticism. Compared to all the planets it is the most beneficial planet. On the other hand, Thursday is managed by Jupiter so when you are finding prosperity and success then do not forget to thank the influential planet.

Finally, you should know that if Venus enters into the fourth house then you may be ready to improve your relationship and develop a better interest to beautify his surroundings. More love and passion will be the best time for a person. Together a Thursday born and the influence of planet Venus in the fourth house cannot create some magic.


Moments of pleasure when planet Venus enter the fourth house. Happiness and fun in a relationship is the main impact of the placement of the strong planet.
Are you thinking of changing the interiors of the house or adding any luxurious floor? It is the best time to start your aesthetic work in your house.
You will expect a happy married life with a lavishing lifestyle.

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