What Are The Suggestive Signs In Your Kundli That You May Have A Career In Sports?

Career in sports

Career in sports – The young adepts are choosing sports as a career extensively as it bestows you with a lot of limelight, forget basking in fortune.

Besides, being a player keeps you healthy and fit as a fiddle because you train yourself regularly. Unlike the western countries, Sports is not one of the key career options in India looking at the poor infrastructure and negligence of the government.

Then again, being a sportsman is not everyone’s cup of tea however fascinating it looks at the television screen. It takes an iron spine not to perpetuate the doctor-engineer-architect stereotype and fare as a sportsman.

If you think a career in Sports beckons you, you must take a hurried look at the suggestive signs in your natal chart that opine for/against it.

Signs in your kundli that can make you a successful Career in sports:

You ought to have a strong Sun in your horoscope to become a sportsman. Planet Sun is the signifier of the first house in your natal chart. Mars is another planet that holds true with the concept of bravery, so you ought to have a strong Mars in your kudli too for making it big in sports. Strong Moon is another factor that reigns supreme when it comes to making a career in sports because it helps fend off the probable physical injuries at the field. Mercury that is beneficial for your reasoning abilities which is a priority in sports, should also be strong in your horoscope to help you blossom as a better sportsman. We all know that Rahu decides the level of your success so a strong Rahu in your horoscope won’t let you ever look back. Last but not to least, Saturn plays a crucial role in building your career in sports. Even if you have talent, an adverse Saturn may rain in your parade so you need to have a strong Saturn and appease him if he is hostile as to make a career in sports.

That aside, the presence of Gajkesari yoga in your kundli helps you achieve an envious feat in the sports career. People inflicted with Veepret Rajyoga in their kundlis make a bright career in sports like Tennis, Badminton or Swimming. Neechbhanga Rajyoga is another yoga whose presence in your kundli helps you achieve your career goals head on.

Overall, you should have strong 3rd, 6th and 10th houses in your kundli that will allow you to prove your true worth in the sports scene.

If you have the aforesaid signs in your kundli you are sorted for a bright career in sports. There will be nothing that can stop you from becoming a sensation overnight.

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