These Are The Three Things That You Should Remember While Naming Your Baby

Naming your baby

Naming your baby – A name of a person has a fair share in building his personality. A human being, unlike other living entities in the world are distinguished by their names so there has to be certain uniqueness about it. In the Indian context, naming a baby is subject to some cultural conditionalities. Besides, the optics of his natal chart has a huge role to play in determining his name too.

We Indians have bizarre, ambiguous, unpronounceable, simple, sweet all kinds of names, each redolent of the canonical culture the native belongs to. Not sure if they comply with the prerequisites of natal chart but in some cases they do.

Here under are some pointers that you need to remember while naming your baby:

Things that you should keep in mind while naming your baby:

A child brings along lots of happiness in a family. You are over the moon when your little bundle of joy is born. You never seem to have enough of his smile, the twinkle in his eyes, his small hands and legs and he ushers you into a world of giggles and unconditional love in exchange. Meanwhile, everyone in the family starts suggesting names for him but you should consult an erudite astrologer to know what should be the first letter of his name and how many letters long should it be.

Calculating expression number is another way to zero down the perfect name for the baby. Most astrologers will calculate it by the date of birth. They will also enlighten you on the potential characteristics in the baby which will help you to name him accordingly.

The third way is calculating the name number. If you have selected a name for the baby, go to an astrologer to find out the name number. He will take the name and surname to calculate and highlight the future prospects of the baby. To tell you, each of these numbers has a meaning which helps a person achieve his goal in life.

So, if you are still grappling with the issue of naming your baby, you can seek help from an expert and resign a sigh of relief.

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