What are the effects to Dhana Yoga in your Kundali to make you richer?


Born under the lucky star, one receives enormous wealth in a lifetime. Receiving wealth and fame in a package is no mean feat. One has to devote his hard work and energy for this profound success. We are given to believe that benevolence of goddess Lakshmi bestows wealth upon us. The other requisite for being wealthy is Dhan Yoga in Jama or Chandra Kundali. If the lord of the second house is posited in the eleventh, the lord of eleventh house is posited in the second and the lord of the eleventh house is posited in the ninth, you are sorted for greater material wealth.

Furthermore, Venus being posited in the second house also springs life to Dhana Yoga. On achieving Venus’s grace, a man lives life like a king. Likewise Jupiter being posited in the seventh house and the lord of the fourth house being posited in the second makes you stinking rich.




Dhana Yoga in Aries : When Mars, Saturn and Jupiter is in the second house, Sun is in the fifth house and Jupiter is in the eleventh, Dhana Yoga is formed for you.

Dhana Yoga in Taurus: if the Venus is posited in Gemini, Mercury in Pisces with Jupiter in the center, Saturn and Mercury are in the second house and in Gemini, a Taurus rolls in the dough.

Dhana Yoga in Gemini: on Mercury and Saturn inter-changing their positions in the ninth house with a lofty Moon forms Dhana yoga.

Dhana Yoga in Cancer: if the Venus is in the second or twelfth house of a Kundali with Jupiter in an enemy house after inter-changing places with Ketu, a person has abundance of luxury.

Dhana Yoga in Leo: Your business turns humungous profit if Venus and Moon are in Navansh Kundali besides a strong Venus in the fourth house with Mars.

Dhana Yoga for Virgo: Venus and Ketu in the second house besides Moon posited in the house related to Karma, Mercury in the ascendant and Venus in the second house subjects one to lot of wealth.

Dhana Yoga for Libra: Both Venus and Ketu on a peaceful co-existence in the second house of Kundali besides Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rahu being posited in the twelfth house land one in the thick of luxury.

Dhana Yoga for Scorpio: A Scorpion strikes it rich when Mercury and Jupiter are in the fifth house besides Moon being posited in the eleventh. Moon, Jupiter and Ketu in the tenth house also catalyzes wealth.

Dhana yoga for Sagittarius: The Moon being posited in the eighth house, Sun, Venus and Saturn are in Cancer sign, Jupiter and Mercury in ascendant, Sun and Venus in the second house, Mars and Rahu in the sixth house gets you to earn a lot of money.

Dhana Yoga for Capricorn: A rich Capricorn’s Kundali has Moon and Mars in the center or triangular houses. Besides, if the lord of the house related to wealth being posited in Libra sign with an exalted Mars means wealth for them.

Dhana Yoga for Aquarius: The Moon and Saturn inter-changing places in the tenth house, Saturn in the ascendant and Mars in the sixth house renders you name and fame.

Dhana Yoga in Pisces: If the Moon is in the second and Mars is in the fifth house besides Venus in the eighth house and Saturn in Twelfth house makes you unapologetically rich.


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