What Are The Auspicious Muhurtas Of Starting A Journey

Auspicious muhurtas of starting a journey

Auspicious muhurtas of starting a journey – Muhurtas are the units of measuring time as per the Hindu calender. Ever since then, the collective measures have been used in full throttle to attract luck.

People travel to places for work or other purposes. Some religious lot of them are ardent followers of the auspiciousness of the time they start their journey under the belief that it will bring them good luck.
As per the Hindu religious norms starting a journey in an auspicious time is imperative for a succesful result and safe reaching. The merit of auspiciousness of the said Muhurtas is determined by the positioning of planets. It is also believed that showing diligence to the religious diktats about Muhurtas while one is embarking upon a new professional venture or starting a journey is sure to usher in benevolence for him.
Auspicious Muhurtas are staunchly called shubh muhurat in India whose best planetary constellations are Rohini, Mrigshira, Chitra, Revti, Anuradha, Hast, Ashwini, Pushya, Uttarbhadrapada, Uttrashadha, Uttarfalguni and Abhijit.
Here under are some of such Auspicious muhurtas of starting a journey: 
The auspicious to this, as dictated by the astrologers are Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi and Trayodashi.
Here are some Auspicious muhurtas of starting a journey in the present month :
20th September1:22 PM-5:08 PM
21st September6:40 AM-8:40 PM
23rd September6:41 AM-10:51 PM
25th September6:42 AM-1:02 PM
27th September6:43 AM- 10:36 PM
28th September4:37 AM-6:04 PM
30th September6:44 AM- 8:04 PM
The auspicious ascendants of starting a tour are leo, libra, virgo, scorpio and pisces. However, people should avoid Nanda tithi for starting a journey as it is considered inauspicious. 
Combination of pisces and aquarius on the 2nd, 7th and 10th dates form the Bhadra tithi which is not suitable for your journey too. 
Determined by the transit of  said days and planetary constellations are the tools of measuring auspicious Muhurtas of starting a journey. A person who adheres to these with full devotion is surely to reap success.
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