Raksha Bandhan Brings Lunar Eclipse This Year: Things You Must Know

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is one of the famous festivals of India and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in every part of the country.

This auspicious day which symbolizes the love and bond of brothers and sisters is celebrated on Shravan Purnima- last day of the holy Shravan month. And this year the pious festival falls on 7th of August 2017.

Raksha Bandhan and Lunar eclipse:

This year Rakhi has got the hint of the black shadow of the Lunar eclipse. The eclipse which is appearing after a gap of 9years will allow little time for people to celebrate the festivity.

Along with Lunar eclipse which is also known as Chandra Grahan, there will be a shadow of Bhadra as well in the morning.

Also, auspicious events are not done during the eclipse and during this time people should remain at their homes. Also, the temples will be mostly shut and pujas will not be conducted. Only mantra jaap can be done.

As per Indian standard time, the eclipse which is not full but fragmented will start at night from 10.52 pm to 12.22am. So make sure you do not observe any pious occasion including tying of Rakhi during this time.

Best Time to tie rakhi 2017:

Due to the lunar eclipse, this year, we will find only 2 and half-hour time to celebrate the occasion.

Yes, though the eclipse starts at night from 10.52 pm but the Sutak starts 9 hours before the eclipse. And Bhadra yog will also start from sunrise till 11.05 a.m. So the time is quite less.

And during all these times, that are Bhadra yog, Sutak and Chandra Grahan one cannot perform holy activities.

As per astrologers, the ideal time to tie the sacred Rakhi and to celebrate the occasion is from 11.05 am to 1.52 pm. It is advisable to not celebrate the same during the eclipse as well as Bhadra and Sutak time.

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