How different Body parts are affected by different zodiacs?

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Zodiac is highly affected by the planets that move through them. A person born under a certain zodiac reflects the qualities of the same and no wonder planets too affect the qualities in the like manner. There is a combination of patterns in the signs where the planets move in to to affect the shapes and sizes of the human body. As a result, different parts of a human body are governed by different zodiacs signs wherein the planets also intervene to add importance to the said part of human anatomy.

If one studies the attributes of a particular body part, one finds the reflection of the zodiac sign. The whole human configuration thus depends on the collective upshot of the zodiac signs. This philosophy is archaic enough to hold one’s fancy. According to the ancient sages, eternity of the universe is manifested in the sacred human body and it will continue to exist until the end of time and beyond.


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Know which Zodiac Sign affects which body part:

  • Aries rules the head and Mars rules Aries. Bumping on the head thus begets tension and anxiety besides health hazards in you. They are courageous, enthusiastic, warm yet impulsive and restless.
  • Taurus rules the throat and neck. Expect a Taurus to be highly vocal against predation of any sort. Their public speaking skills are enviably perfect. They are truthful, patient and vehemently practical.
  • Gemini rules the arms and lungs. And Mercury rules Gemini. Expect a Gemini to be outgoing and Quick-witted and always curious.
  • Cancer rules stomach and breast. Born under the higher lunar activity, Cancer born are sentimental, loyal and stubborn
  • Leo rules the heart and spine, no wonder they are kind. Expect them to be short tempered in the same vein.
  • Virgo rules intestines which rule the emotional responses of the brain due to myriad blood vessels ending here. Which is why Virgo are practical, competent yet narrow-minded.
  • Libra rules Kidney and Bladder and they are calm, seductive, selfish and indecisive.
  • Scorpio rules the sexual organs leaving them vying for both partnership and pleasure. They are secretive, sadistic, violent, jealous, ambitious yet caring.
  • Sagittarius rules Thighs and liver. Jupiter being the planet of this sign makes them energetic, optimistic, adventurous and bold.
  • Capricorn rules bones and skin. They are under fastidious watch of Saturn and hence serious, disciplined, hard-working, responsible yet cruel, ruthless, selfish and skeptical.
  • Aquarius rules the ankles and legs which make them find feet in challenging ground. They are idealistic, innovative, friendly, tolerant, yet unconventional.
  • Pisces rules the blood circulation which makes them emotional, imaginative, indecisive, moody and vulnerable.
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