The Suggestive Signs Of A Second Marriage In Your Horoscope !

Second Marriage

Upon ending the previous marital alliance due to varied reason, people opt for a second marriage.

We all are entitled to lifelong companionship and a second marriage means a second chance to start life afresh. The previous marriage may end in a divorce or the person may be widowed due to constellation of planets in one’s kundali.

The position of the planet also decide whether the concerned person is in the right frame of mind to enter a new relationship altogether.

The astrological factors that boost the chances of remarriage:

The lord of second house decides the longevity of the spouse or a peaceful family life, the lord of seventh house decides how far one can go to establish love in a marriage and if it will face a lawsuit near future for either the side of the husband or wife. Similarly, the lord of ninth house denotes the chances of second marriage. Venus is the indicator of a sensible wife and Jupiter signifies husband.

Other astrological factor that decide the chances of second marriage:

  • The lord of seventh house being posited in dual signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces symbolizes two marriages.
  • The seventh house in a dovetail with evil sign lets the lord of seventh house occupy a sign of despair or determination that ensures a troublesome marriage.
  • Seventh lord from the ascendant or Moon being posited in a dual sign combines with Venus in birth and navmansha chart produces the chances of two marriages.
  • When the Rahu is posited in the seventh house, you are surely to remarry.
  • Spiteful implications on the lords of second and seventh house or the lord symbolize multiple marriages.
  • When the lords of seventh and eleventh house combination/facet/quadrant, it indicates the sign of two marriages.
  • When two planets are posited in the seventh house you may have a second marriage in your kundali
  • When the lord of seventh house is posited in the fourth house and the lord of ninth house placed in seventh house, it escalates the chances of second marriage.
  • Mars in seventh house and Saturn or Rahu in second house means second marriage.
  • The lord of seventh house occupying the sixth, eighth or twelfth house and spiteful planets like Saturn, Mars or Rahu occupying the vacant seventh house besides a weak Venus combined with a natural benefic planet spruces up the chances of second marriage.
  • When the Mars and Venus both are placed in seventh house and the lord of seventh house is placed in eighth house with Saturn posited in the twelfth house means multiple marriages.
  • Regressive Jupiter in the seventh house combined with Mars and one of them in debilitation symbolizes second marriage.
  • Venus, Saturn, The Moon and Mars creating a dovetail in the seventh house mean second marriage.
  • Saturn and Rahu being placed in seventh house without having any advantageous effects symbolize second marriage.

Some other pointers to remember about Venus:

When the Venus falls in dual sign, occupies a sign of depression or inflicted with other spiteful nuances, it means you will have a second marriage. Then again, Venus posited in the sign of debilitation in birth chart with a combination of malefic, Venus and the Lord of seventh house falling in dual common signs indicate the chances of second marriage.

There are numbers of other characteristics and constellations of the planets denote the chances of second marriage in your Kundali.

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