How To Deal With Your Knee Pain Through Astrology

Knee pain

Knee pain is a commonplace occurrence among the elderly but this is as taxing for the young generation.

It spells ruin in your life at the very emergence by slowly mutating into a fatal and lifelong health hazard. There are many lifestyle habits that you have to cut short in the wake of knee-pain. This also scares the afflicted people out of their wits when the rheumatism transforms into a bone infection.

Knee pain can appear for myriad reasons such as indiscriminate lifestyle habits, age and mineral deficiency in the bones. Here under are a few astrological remedies to cure knee pain.

How to treat your knee pain through astrology?

The nature of bone pain can be understood by observing the planet’s nature, colour, and waves. However, Sun reigns supreme when it comes to causing extreme bone disorders. That aside, the positioning of the Moon and the Jupiter are also accountable for the bone problems. But one has to admit complete defeat to this health disorder when Saturn enters the picture. The best cure, however for the problem is offer libation to the Sun with water mixed with Roli (rice). Thereafter, you are suggested to put a Tilak on your forehead with the same water.

A weak Moon in your zodiac is responsible for bringing down the calcium level of your bones and you feel stiffness instantaneously. In such a situation, you are suggested Green Cardamom mixed with honey and consume as much milk as possible. But then, avoiding consuming milk in the night is also suggested. As an astrological measure, take some mustard oil in your palm and see your face in it. This is called donating Chhaya (shadow) which is believed to be a useful antidote for bone pain.

Chant Hanuman Bhabuk on every morning and offer your prayers to Lord Hanuman during Tuesdays for cracking a whip on knee pain.

Above are the few infallible remedies for knee pain. Try them as ritual to insure yourself against knee pain in the advanced age.


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