Characteristic traits of a scorpio you to know before a marital liaison


The 8th Zodiac sign can give you cold feet with their intensity. If you are looking for a sidekick of a lover, a Scorpio is not your pick. They tend to dominate and manipulate anyone that lets them, or anyone that seems weak. They might put up an unemotional front but deep inside they nurture intense passion for their lover. Being blessed with a penetrative mind makes them weary of every mind games other people are trying to play. Aside of being a great mind reader, Scorpio is mysterious, secretive and has a magnetic personality. They may be bossy but treats their loved ones with great kindness, generosity, warmth and security. They are the extreme lovers and faithful to say the least.




Some pointers about a Scorpio’s personality:

Focused: they are the ambitious lot. You will never see a Scorpio losing sight of her goal.

Brave: Take a cue from Scorpio to fall 7 times and stand up 8.

Intuitive:  Driven by their instinct, they make most of every opportune moment. Don’t counter him if he suggests you not to do something. He knows the shortcomings already.

Faithful: They are the one man woman/ one woman man tribe.

Possessive and jealous: You may blow a fuse with them if they find you two-timing.

Resent: Now or later, expect a Scorpio to avenge the insults or harms they or their loved ones were subjected to.

Good bed-partners:  Have sex with a Scorpio and you will want to come back to them again.

Fiercely private: They don’t like to bring forth their personal matters to social networks.

Association with darkness: They vouch for darker things like death, horror, supernatural and even the occult. So your movie and book choices may not be at par.



Further nuances of a Scorpio’s s character you need to look at:

Scorpios have an unfolding pattern about their characters. In the same line as the other water signs, Pisces and Cancer, Scorpios too are intensely emotional but they will never seem to admit it. Just that, their emotions is extreme such as ‘passion’ or ‘anger’. They would sell their soul for intellectual discussions and whiling away time by the sea than partying in the pub. The hardworking lot makes sure to achieve the contemplated career goals come hell or high water. Good part is, they are the fiercest defenders of their loved ones, and they are unapologetically ruthless if it comes to safeguard their lovers. On the contrary however, Scorpios expect the same from their lover. Be faithful to them, refrain from playing mind games, keep their secrets with your life, let them enjoy their personal space, you will be the happiest one in a relationship.

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