This Mantra Can Boost Your Sex Life !

Mantra that boosts sex life

Mantra that boosts sex life – Is your life suffering from sex drought?

We have a simple solution here. One can turn around the otherwise boring sex life by simply chanting a mantra. As your healthy sex life reflects in the marital bond, you need not take it for granted. It is a common phenomenon in marital couples that we grow uninterested in sex amid the other overpowering responsibilities that our married life generates. But there is no denying that sex is the greater motivational force of life as the sexual energy is an offspring of the divine dynamism. More, in love life as wellour disenchantment towards sex after a few years together is a metaphor for our societal straightjacketing towards unmarried couples.

But one needs to engage in regular sexual encounters with the partner so that his energy is always fuelled up.

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This mantra is called the Kamdev Kameshwari Mantra which, aside from aiding the sex life, also doubles up as infertility curer.

Mantra that boosts sex life –

Om Namah Kamdevaya Mahaprabhay Heem Kameshwari Swaha”

The mantra should be accompanies with a detailed worship of the Kamdeva. To pursue the Puja, one needs to offer incense and flowers to Kamdeva followed by putting a pinch of saffron in a piece of white cloth. Thereafter the person needs to sit in a manner that his face is in the East direction as he chants 5 rosaries of this mantra consecutively. He is then suggested to consume the whole lot of saffron with hot milk. The most preferred Puja time of Kamdeva is during Friday after 9:00 PM when one can invoke most of his attention provided he performs the Puja with utmost devotion.

Lord Kamdeva is a key figure in Indian mythology who is worshipped as the lord of sex. If one succeeds to appease him through his heartfelt devotion, he will be sorted for a healthy sex life.

Notwithstanding the sexual impairments, you will be inundated with sexual energy by chanting this mantra.

This Mantra that boosts sex life – Believe it or not, you can expect a complete cure form the said sexual disorders if  you keep chanting this mantra on a regular basis.

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