Know the Best Place To Keep Money Box To Increase Financial Flow

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A money box or locker is the place where we keep our money. You will find that most house-wives have almost saved money by collecting them in a purse or a box. For a few, they like to put them in a container. It is a good habit that should be appreciated as it is believed to be a way of saving but if this saving is carried out by certain measures that it will no doubt bring financial growth to the family.

locker or money box
So where do you keep your money box or locker, depending on the placement the prosperity and savings of the family and person depends. To gain the benefits place the small bank or money box on the northern side of the house. It is considered as the best place to reduce the unwanted flow of money. One can expect to overcome the over expense that is often occur unknowingly.

Perhaps you do not have a space to place the money box in the north you can look for the second better place, it is the best part of the house. The west can also be divided further in the southwest and southwest south. These three positions also show some good results. Find out the corner or side of the house which contains any of the three sides and try to place the remedies of financial growth.

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Altogether you have four good positions to place the money box or locker, depending on the primary and secondary possible place them for a good flow of money and financial growth. While it is important to remember that it is for home savings that can bring more growth but for a cash box of your office or business should be placed south and southwest while the opening should be facing the east, north, and northwest.

For those who do not have a money box or locker can look for an alternative such as a piggy bank which you may regularly put a coin every day and do not forget it to place in the proper direction. Apart from this, it is important to know the disadvantages of placing the locker or money box in wrong places that will decline the financial prosperity. Few of the common things you should avoid such as:
Never place your money box or locker below the staircase even if it satisfies the principles of Vastu. It is not suggested to have a locker below the stairs.
Another important place in which you should not place any locker or money box is at the walls adjacent to the toilet in such cases you should look for different directions which can be best for the Vastu.

East is also considered as the direction of prosperity and if the above conditions do not satisfy your requirements then you can place the money box or locker in such a way that it does open towards the eastern direction. This will increase financial growth and develop prosperity. Keep the area clean and don’t forget to clean your hands properly before touching the locker or box. As we generally put an idol of Lakshmi inside or adjacent to the piggy box.

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