What Are The Lucky Days In The Week For Different Zodiac Signs?

Lucky days for different zodiac signs

Lucky days for different zodiac signs – Luck plays a very crucial role in our lives. If it was not for luck, many politicians or actors wouldn’t have made it as big. Luck is the trigger-switch for success when your career clock is ticking, the solicitous force behind your successful marriage et al. Also, there are lucky escapes from big accidents or terminal diseases. So, to sum up, luck patronizes the human experiences and bad luck renders your life desolate.

Different zodiac signs have different lucky days in the week. We will shed light on the said days and what they imply below:

Lucky days for different zodiac signs –


Monday stands for a fresh start, both in your personal and professional life. This day is ruled by Moon so have a dreamy quality about it. Monday is suitable for the zodiac sign cancer. They are on the peak of their hunch in this day and seemingly more sensitive too. You can approach a cancer on Monday because he is high on energy that day.


Tuesday is a powerhouse of energy. Ruled by Mars, this day stands for perseverance and inundation of competitive energy. Tuesdays are lucky for Aries and Scorpio. Both of the zodiac signs will be infused with energy, mental strength and wisdom on that day. But the day might give them different outcomes.


Wednesday spells a lot of fresh air in our lives. It is the day one should introspect about the past achievements and mistakes. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and is lucky for Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius. Gemini people are more focussed on one thing in this day, Virgo people have the most mental calm and Aquarians can have the most peaceful professional conversations on this day.


Thursday comes with a lot of promise and optimism. The day is governed by Jupiter which stands for generosity and individual success. Thursday is lucky for Sagittarius and Pisces. They can both push their boundaries in this day and do something new.


Friday stands for celebration and love. This day is ruled by Venus so endows the zodiac signs like Taurus and Libra with passion, pleasure and excitement.


Saturn, the ruler and discipliner stands for accomplishments and productivity. Of course, Capricorns are synonymous to professional success so Saturday is the day for Capricorns.


As the name suggests, Sunday is ruled by the Sun which stands for energy, life and honesty. It is the lucky day for Leo when they are in their most spirited self and infused with bottomless vitality. They will enjoy talking and charming hearts on that day.

These are the lucky days for different zodiac signs. If one incorporates the energy the said days dispose in his work, he is sure to rise into prominence.

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