How To Manage Your Desires Astrologically?


Desires are the tug of materialism which you need to waive in order to be one with the God.

The great sages in our tradition devoted the lion’s share of their lives meditating to beat the quicksand of greed and redeem the self. We presume it was not easy for them to thwart even the basic needs for survival.

But here we are, stranded in greed and malevolence, borderline obsessed about achieving the seemingly ‘better life’ that others lead, are sure on thin ice because whenever we try to reach for something bigger than our regular sustenance, we become vulnerable to depression and heartbreaks. It’s always the materialism puppeteering us and never letting us be.

By and far, we have come to believe that happiness is the state of mind but come the time and age when happiness rose to the proportion of material wealth. Our mind is constantly churning ideas how to make ourselves appear wealthier in social networking sites. Mostly it’s the expensive foreign trips, Designer apparels, Watches we use as tools to let our freak flags fly. We should spend time trying to appear someone people can dote on no matter if it trims the time we could have saved for doing something that grows us. Of course, we are losing ourselves to the stereotype and giving up on the chances to be able to stand apart.

Here’s one astrological remedy by which you can control your materialistic desires. Of course we are talking about meditation, the far-fetched practise to fend off lust for power. Meditation helps you find the reason you were put on this earth. Or you can at least know what you are up to and how should you plan your future life. Meditation is another form of introspection that you do in solitude. Here’s how meditation can help you:

  • Meditation tones down your stress
  • It helps to improve your concentration
  • You can lead a healthy life
  • You will be self-aware and way more confident
  • You will be able to accept people as they are and life as it comes
  • You will feel way younger inside and it will reflect on your face.

Controlling one’s desires requires a lot of will power and absolute withdrawal from the people who are hypnotized by greed. May be you can share your wisdom with them later that you gain from meditation and help them too!

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