Guru Jaap & Pooja

  • on November 16, 2016

Jupiter is considered the most auspicious planet. If you make Guru Devta happy, you will never fall short of money.   If Brihaspati is weak or negative in your Kundli, your job, trade and business will all suffer losses.

When you make Jupiter happy, it’s positive influences gift you a long life, your dream job and increase your finances. Yes, Jupiter plays a huge role in making you rich and prosperous. If Guru Puja is performed according to the right rituals, it takes 4 days in total. It takes 19,000 chants and a Havan to complete the Puja.

If you want to put an end to all your sorrows and want your business to flourish; if you want to gain more and more wealth and money, then seek help from YourFortune to perform the Guru Jaap and Puja today.

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