What Does Your Birthmark Say About You?

Birthmark on body

Birthmark on body – All of us are born with birthmarks that are differentiated by sizes, shapes, colours and locations. Since time immemorial, people have been associating stories to birthmark in given places. You may say that the stories are mostly shrouded in myths and superstitions but that’s how they are. Not that the stories are always above all reasonability.

Legibly, a child develops birthmark during the gestation period itself and it inflates with age. May be your birthmark is a souvenir of a story associated to your previous life. There is also a possibility that it is a harbinger of luck in your life. The indelible dent may also be the tell-tale of how you might have died in the previous birth.

Here under we will analyse your Birthmark on body and decode the true meaning of the same.

Analysing the Birthmark on body that are present in the different parts of your body:

Our cultural teachings that feed on myths and the word of mouth for ages are at play behind the rather entertaining birthmark analysis. Know the story behind your birthmark as per its location below:

  • Head: If you have a birthmark on your head or scalp, it means that you are weak as a person. The significance becomes dominant if you are a woman. If you have a birthmark on the right side of your head it means that you will make good politician someday. It leaves a big reason to worry if you have birthmark in the left side of your forehead. It means you will lead a poor life and will always cut corners.
  • Forehead: If you have a birth mark on the right side of your forehead, it implies that you are an intelligent person, if you have birthmark in the right side of your forehead, it means you will lead a blithesome life and if the birthmark is posited in the centre of your head, it means you will be on a heart breaking spree and will never settle down with a single person in life.
  • Neck: Birthmark on your front neck means you will be highly successful in life and in the back neck means you will expose yourself as an aggressive person to others.
  • Stomach: Birthmark in your stomach means you will be greedy and selfish to the core.
  • Chest: Birthmark in the middle of your chest means you will never run short of good luck and will secure good fortune in life.
  • Back: A birthmark on the back signifies that you will be truthful and compassionate in your life.
  • Legs: People with birthmarks on their legs are found to be independent and decision makers.
  • Shoulders: Birthmark on the right shoulder means you will have financial constraints while on the left shoulder means just the opposite.
  • Arms: If a man has birthmark on his arms he will certainly not be as career-oriented while it means just the opposite when it is found on a woman’s arm.
  • Buttocks: If a man has birth mark in his right buttocks, he will never marry and stay with his parents the whole time while a birthmark on the left buttocks means he will have a charismatic personality and will impress people pretty easily. If a woman has birthmark in her right buttock, she will be a downright fashionista and if she has it on the left buttock, she will bask in good reputation and wealth.

This is what your Birthmark on body say about you – Furthermore, a round mole in a person signifies that he has a soft heart while an oblong mole hints at his future wealth. Likewise, if he has angular mole it means that he maintains double standards. These are the widely circulated stories about birthmark. What’s yours?

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