Navgrah Puja

  • on November 16, 2016

According to astrology, there are 9 planets in total which influence our lives. These planets are in some way or the other associated with all our sorrows and agitations. These planets determine both the bad and the good in our lives. It all depends on the position of the planets in our kundli.

Obviously, everyone wants the planets to be calm and happy in their kundlis for their benefit. Perform the Navgraha Dosha Puja at least once in a year.

If your life is experiencing unrest without any reason, if your work which is on the verge of being done, doesn’t get completed, if your enemies are troubling you for no reason, your health is always bad and if your honour and image are incessantly being disturbed in society, then your kundli 100% has Navgraha Dosha.

When all the 9 planets are calm and happy in your kundli, they impart their power to you and you get lucky. Your life is filled with happiness.

Seek help from Your Fortune for doing Navgraha Dosha Puja. Our experienced Brahmins perform this Puja following the right rituals.

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