Is Doing Sex During Navratri Approved?

Sex during Navratri

Sex during Navratri – There are puritanical dogmatisms about sex in our society.

When we are gasping for air to flee the clutches of the same, there is a ray of hope in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Sex was the primordial requisite of human existence ever since the civilization evolved. Take for instance, we always made to believe that communion between two love-borne bodies is communion with God. Sex, is but a formative force to build a relationship and when a couple flags it as a priority to make their bond prosper, will not prefer complete abstinence from it.

People who follow a set of conducts during Navratri, frowns upon sex as an earthly attachment because they solemnly devote their entire being to the Goddess. But there is nowhere in the religious books to stay completely withdrawn from it.

Well, to put it clearly, Navratri is not opposed to sex. There is no religious doctrine that you should not. If you have sex during those days, it should be a welcome release from the routine of self-restraint, that is to say not cutting the beard or feeding on fruits only. Sex is instantaneous and it’s about the mutual pleasure. So if a couple physiological need they can surely have an intercourse. Sex is as normal as feeling hunger or thirst so there should be no guilt trip after having it.

Some pointers to remember : Sex during Navratri –

  • Sex during Navratri has no connection to the religion but if one is practising abstinence from the daily routine, one must avoid it for obvious reasons.
  • Remember, the goddess that you are worshipping is the embodiment of Shakti, she is all powerful and omnipotent so for the sake of offering her your heartfelt attitude you should steer clear of sex.
  • Maintaining a pure lifestyle is an imperative while you are offering your prayers to the goddess. That applies to sex also as it deviates your concentration from the Puja.
  • Navratri is a period of introspection too. In this while you can completely revamp your soul before coming back to the normal life. Besides, it whets your sexual appetite some more and you perform better in bed after those days of detachment.

So, to sum up, there is no given rule to abstain yourself from sex during Navratri but if you can then you will gain a full control over your desires which will help you in the long haul.

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