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Zodiac Signs: Tarot Card Predictions For The Year 2017!

The art of predicting the future through the Tarot card is hundred years old. The way a fortune teller predicts the positions of planets, in the same way, Tarot card readings predict a person’s future. Not many of you know but inside the Tarot card, there is always an important picture message marked on it. Based on that picture message, a person’s zodiac sign details or the way he picks up the card, his future is revealed. Well, there are total 78 cards in a Tarot deck. And the Major Arcana Cards imprinted on the following signs are – Strength, Death, The Sun, The Magician, Ace of coins, Knight of swords, The Tower, Seven of swords, The justice, The Star, The Chariot, The Lovers, The Hierophant, The Emperor, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Fool, The Hermit etc.

And the other remaining cards are called as Minor Arcana Cards. Out of them, 40 cards are genuine and the other 16 are known as Royal Arcana. Your Fortune brings you the future of 2017 through the Tarot card. This special Tarot card prediction is the result of an expert’s hard work. The most important thing about Tarot card prediction is that the Your Fortune team has tested this prediction several times. As we always say, our motto is not to make money by fooling our readers, but we work on the quality and its truthfulness. Our aim is to earn people’s trust and we wish to work towards the same goal in future as well.

Aries 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

Based on the card prediction, your last year was full of tension, but this year it’ll be filled with positive energy. It is being predicted that based on money matters, your year will be really good and less dramatic. Try to work smart and avoid doing anything in a hurry. In the year 2017, make sure to accept opportunities and the work you think is beneficial for you. Make sure to listen to what other people are advising you, and pay attention to good things and act that way. Don’t pay attention to all the negative happenings around you and let them go. 2017 is going to be quite good for you and luckily, you will not face any massive problems. As far as love matters are concerned, this year is quite romantic too. In terms of health, you need to be very careful.

Taurus 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

It’s a new year, so you’ve to start with something new as well. This year will give you mixed challenges e.g. at some place, you’ll get something sweet to taste, whereas in other places, something sour. Based on the Tarot card, you need to think and act. This year, you might get some new knowledge, a new gift, a new job or even a new home. This year can turn out to be good for you in terms of matters of the heart. For all the job seekers and students, 2017 is going to be quite lovely. If you’re married, then you must make an effort to understand and take responsibilities.

Gemini 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

This year, you might plan to start a business with your friend. Based on the prediction, your partner will 100% support you in all the work. Well, your economy could stumble in the middle of the year, but remember not to take any loans. If you learn from your past mistakes, then chances are that success might come soon. If you love being busy, then this year you’ll get to stay busy if you choose to. The last few months of the year, your health will bother you. Your worst enemy is your anger, so try to keep that in control. For people who were facing problems in finding a better partner, this year will turn out to be good for you and you’ll find someone better.

Cancer 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

The Cancerian’s card reveals that 2017 is the year that you were waiting for since a long time. Your card says that you’ll achieve a lot of success this year. For people who are looking for a job, your search-for-job journey will turn out to be beneficial for you. The problems which you were facing for some time will finally come to an end. Everybody at your place will be peaceful and due to that, you’ll make more money too. From January 31- March 25, your health will be not good. Mental stress could come your way but don’t be upset about it.

Leo 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

In terms of financial situations, you will find yourself very lucky. Your card reveals that this year is going to be filled with happiness. Be sincere in your actions, because your sincerity turns out to be beneficial. If you’re a business oriented person, then make sure that you trust yourself first in every situation. 2017 will also be a very surprising year for you. The time after August is expected to be advantageous. Avoid doing any property related work this year and also, you might get a chance to visit a foreign country.

Virgo 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

It is a mixed and slightly tricky year i.e. at the start of the year, you’ll find a lot of positive vibes but then in mid-year, you’ll be trapped in-between negative energy. There will be times when you’ll feel completely surrounded by entanglement. In reality, you’re over thinking a lot and that is the main reason why people are standing up for you. Listen, everything that you have right now, try to be happy with it. The mid-year will turn out to be good for all the job seekers and make sure to stay away from all kinds of office politics. You’ll not face any health issues, but there are chances that you’ll face disappointment over love issues. By the end of the year, you’ll start experiencing positive changes. If there’s anybody who can perfectly guide you, it’s YOU.

Libra 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

This year is going to be a busy year for the entire Libran gang. At first, your behavior will be more like the monsters. This means that you’ll focus too much on yourself. You will do anything to achieve your own interests. But due to such behavior, you’ll not receive money. In the middle of the year, your tediousness will be your biggest enemy. But one thing is good about your second card; it’ll demand you to do the right things. This means that at the end of the year, you’ll help others a lot. In 2017, there are chances that you’ll visit some old religious places. 2017 is not good for your love life and you might also stay away from your family because of some problems. Others who are thinking of tying the knot, this year is absolutely ideal for you.

Scorpio 2017 Tarot Card, Prediction

In terms of money, this year will bring mixed results. Your card reveals that you’ll suffer a little because of monetary problems. Trips made in 2017 using money will turn out to be beneficial. The money which you were likely to receive since years will come handy this year. Your card also reveals that you’ll have no control on your spending. It’ll be good if you plan and then work on that. You will get full family support and just make sure that you don’t involve yourself in unnecessary situations. Don’t pay attention to people who are jealous of you.

2017 Sagittarius Tarot Card, Prediction

It has been revealed that you always hurt the people who love you the most. Well, your card is right this year; it says that if you avoid being cruel, then your year will be even better. People who are thinking of starting their own business, this year is good and this time, auspicious. Also, you must listen more to yourself than to others. If you want, then you can start a business associated with garments or related to food as well. You’ll find a good partner but at the end of the year, you’ll fall sick. Don’t worry about family; they’re 100% with you.

2017 Capricorn Tarot Card, Prediction

This year will turn out to be the year of achievements. The work you choose to do will bring you super success. For people who were looking for jobs, this year, you’ll get one. People who are looking for government jobs, you’ll get one too. Business oriented people don’t need to take stress but make sure to bring some changes in your daily routine. Remember- Good ideas bring out good personality. So, think about good ideas. You can experience trips and also, you can get to travel to a foreign country. Marriage is on the cards for some.

2017 Aquarius Tarot Card, Prediction

Aquarians don’t need to worry about their careers as everything will be fine. Business oriented people will not have too much fun as compared to the people who work 9-5. Only ensure that you don’t bring any office related work at home. If you mix your personal and professional life, then you’re more likely to face family troubles. You’ll meet old friends and they’ll help you out in your important work. Those who are into playing games, this year is full of brightness for you all.

2017 Pisces Tarot Card, Prediction

It’s time you learn to take responsibility. Since the past few years, you were feeling low but this year, you may meet a special person and feel lucky. You will receive appreciation for your business work. You are more likely to travel to various places. And also, you’ll think about investing money, but make sure that you read the paperwork completely and then think about making the investment. Well, this year you need to be careful, and also take very good care of your health.

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