Is astrology the eye of wisdom?


Eyesight is divine blessing in guise through which human being visually experiences the incredible beauty of the world. Astrology is the leaf from spirituality which opens another eye for you, eye for wisdom. Rightly called as the third eye, it is unfastened by the grace of Guru. Meditation is the pathway to redemption, as we already know. So, engaging in routine meditation is the tool to invoke wisdom. Even if you don’t meditate, your guru can transfer the fruits of his meditation onto you.

Meditating is just the tip of the iceberg through; there is another requisite of opening the third eye. Enlightenment is bestowed upon you through theoretical understanding of things. What else but books you can resort to for this? Astrological books, to be specific are the profound source of energy that catalyzes your salvation.


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What happens when the third eye opens?

Opening of the third eye takes you to a higher spiritual plane, that is to say, a higher state of consciousness where you feel submerged with God. You are hostage to Karma, Maya and Ego which alienates you from the Supreme Being. Flailing away the quicksand of mundane helps you communicate with God. In the third eye, you can manifest your thoughts and desires.

To remove Karma, Guru is the best one to bank upon. You will just need to bare your heart and mind to Guru and he will be able to find where karmic thoughts and actions reside within you.

How astrology helps open the eye of wisdom?

Astrology is a labyrinth. It takes a well-erudite astrologer to lead you to wisdom. One must be aware of the varied nuances of astrology to know a real astrologer from fake. Most astrologers claim that by reading a person’s psyche, their motivations, inclinations, probable hindrances and motto in life, they can predict their future. There are varied books on astrology ascribed to different astrologers with paradoxical thoughts at disposal. Not that they are scientifically validated besides being embroiling to say the least.

Keeping these theories aside, one can only reach the heightened self through meditation. And as it has been mentioned earlier, astrology is an archetypal part of meditation which unleashes your clairvoyance, perception and awareness. However, on the higher plane, the clarity and objectivity also soars up higher. One needs to engage himself in some determined spiritual practices recommended by astrology to achieve wisdom. Like the no measure of logic, rationalism and science couldn’t dissuade people from visiting religious places, people also have a distinct belief in astrology which seems to help them in many ways and don’t seem to be affected by logic.

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