What Did The French Astrologer Nostradamus Predicted About India In 2017?

Nostradamus prediction about India

Nostradamus prediction about India – Held under the fastidious magnifier the cat comes out of the bag and we learn that the predictions about India from the bygone and contemporary astrologers are the excerpts form the slew of prophecies that of the great French physician and astrologer Nostradamus.

He assumed the life of a fortune teller on sixteenth century and released his full proof predictions about the impending years, even decades in advance.

While some of them lost their potency as years wore on, some caused public amazement by coming indubitably true.

Some customary insights about Nostardamus:

He, who is best known for his book Les Propheties, predicted the major world events through the prism of his intuitive visions. He had been active from December 1503-July 1566 as per the available sources. The book with which he made his mark was publishes in the year 1955. He was a physician to begin with who shifted his focus from medicine to occult during his consecutive visits to Italy where he extensively studied about horoscopes, necromancy et al and wrote an almanac for 1950 whose success drove him to write more of them inundated with thousands of prophecies. He hogged the limelight in the following years after penning down astrological calendars and helping people by giving them psychic advice about their future.

Nostradamus prediction about India – What Nostradamus predicted about India in the year 2017:

Nostradamus prediction about India – He seemingly dropped a hint at the fact that India should not blink at the speedy progress of their arch rival China and its attempts to cock a snook at India’s frontier of resistance. He also predicted about Modi’s rise in the Indian subcontinent which will fuel the rise of Hindutva ideologies and the histrionics of the Sangh Parivar. Judging by the words of Nostradamus, A man from the state of Gujarat will rise in prominence who will establish India as a superpower before the World by honing the potholes in the inner-workings of the country. Modi won’t be someone to waive his power soon and will rule for a significant period which will be the golden era for India. He rightfully termed Modi as the supreme leader emerging from the land where business is best and honesty reigns, a.k.a Gujarat.

That’s all the great historians could unearth from Nostradamus’s predictions about India.

Nostradamus prediction about India – It is not one bit opaque what he wanted to drive at. We are now left to marvel at the eerie similarities of the recent times with his predictions.

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