Did You Know The Importance Of Muhurat ?

Importance Of Muhurat

 Importance Of Muhurat

Most of us want our important life events like marriage or business to turn out successful and thus we fulfill the same in a certain manner and consider factors like ideal date, time and other few elements.
And that’s why many of us find good tithi and muhurta while starting a new important activity of our life like while conducting puja or while doing a significant purchase etc.
And we call up some highly regarded astrologers for same as astrology helps to gauge the right Shubh Muhurat.
Yes with the help of the astrology, one can find an ideal time for important events per the position of planets, sun, moon and many other factors.

Read on to know the importance of Muhurat and why it’s vital to calculate the most auspicious time.

As per our Shastras, all auspicious actions have some spiritual effects on us so to get best results from the effects one must consider right time to yield best results from that activity. This ideal time is known as Muhurata or electional astrology.
It is believed that electional astrology is quite vital for people who have a kundali or suffer from doshas.

And this tradition is not new and can be traced back to the Vedic era.

The kings from the bygone era would consult Pandits and astrologers whenever they want to for the signing of treaties or when they want to start off their military campaigns.
Auspicious times were chosen for almost all vital events as in past Muhurats were of great importance.

The muhurtas were calculated in order to find the best time to perform surgeries. Also many considered muhurtas so that they can conceive babies during a particular period.

The Bhagavad Gita also sheds the light on how time is important and powerful and we should always do good and pious ceremonies and new activities as per favorable factors and time.
So the bottom line is if you calculate the right muhurta and follow the same then it can turn out extremely fruitful.

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