How To Interpret Dreams Through Astrology !

Interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of dreams – Since time immemorial, dream interpretation has unfolded the arcane side of human psyche.

The celebrated psychologist Sigmund Freud did hair-splitting analysis over the subconscious. This led us to the conclusion that dreams are but reflections of human conscious and sub-conscious. More aptly, dreams are the visual versions of conscious and sub-conscious in unison. All of us have our share of happiness, miseries, insecurities, desires and dreams are the most fascinating ways to reflect them.

It took decades of research and scientific studies to find out the purpose of dreams in human life.

To tell you, your subconscious is the storage of information from your awaken state. Dreams open a window to that storage of information. It can be thus used for predicting and even shaping up your future.

Future has intricate set of rules which we can foresee with dreams.

The Indian astrological take on the surreal mind space:

Judging by the Indian astrological beliefs, the various living and non-living objects that we see in our dreams depict our future. All the above said objects have their distinguished implication whatsoever. Find out below:

Interpretation of dreams –

  • Seeing ghost of one’s dead parents symbolize that the person is going to enter a new relationship soon. That apart, if anybody sees the ghost of a dead friend, he is likely to travel with a person soon who he doesn’t quite approve of.
  • Seeing a fish in the dream signifies acquiring a lot of wealth near future. But an attacking fish means his hidden negative energies are unleashed.
  • Seeing alcohol in one’s dreams symbolizes ambitious side of the person besides his strong will.
  • Water brings about many interpretations; the major of them is being stuck amid burdening problems. Muddy water denotes even worse, the negative energies of all sorts.
  • Seeing a snake in your dreams means you are craving for sexual encounters or may be intimacy with your partner.
  • Seeing a mongoose in one’s dream hints at turning enormous profit in business anytime soon.
  • People often see they are falling off a cliff or even a high-rise, which signifies your lack of confidence. If one sees he is flying high, it means he has high self-esteem and composure.
  • Seeing a birth in your life means you are looking to enter a new relationship. In the same line, seeing a death in your dream symbolizes snapping ties with a person you heart.
  • If you see you are starving it symbolizes you’re unhappy with something and feasting denotes the opposite.
  • If you see you are being chased in your dream, you are afraid of dispute spiraling out of a confrontation in future.

This is the way one can make interpretation of dreams through astrology and this Interpretation of dreams  helps in predicting the future.

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