How Bandhana Yoga Might Get You Jailed !

Bandhana Yoga causes jail

Bandhana Yoga causes jail – The bad positioning of Rahu might bring imprisonment in your kundali.

Rahu is solely responsible for Bandhana Yoga as per Vedic astrology. Rahu bosses over jails, asylums, mortuaries, pathology lab et al. Mars determines law enforcement officers.

The conjunction of Lagna lord and Lord of the 6th house in the Kendra (1,4,7,10 houses) or forming a Triangle (1,5,9 houses) with Saturn and either Rahu or Ketu symbolizes the rise of Bandhana Yoga.

How Bandhana Yoga causes jail or mental imprisonment?

The same rules brought under the scanner of Moon sign, mental imprisonment takes place. It leads the native to confine in his own personal space and snap ties with the outer world. They even refuse to behave normally or lead anaverage lifestyle.

The ascetics and monks who seek redemption through detachment from the material world also come under the radar. Any person, for that matter, who seekssolitude, reflects the existence of Bandhana yoga within. Besides, the spiteful planets placed in 6th, 8th and 12th houses from Ascendant makes the native end up in jail. Ascendant in the 6th house invites troubles from Law enforcement. Ascendant in 8th house invites threat and ascendant in 12th house results in imprisonment.

The malefic dovetail of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are responsible for Bandhana Yoga. The conjunction of these four malefic ones with any other planets in the houses of 2,5,6,8,9,12 houses escalates the chances of Bandhana Yoga. The four of the same planets cause the below four types of Bandhana Yoga:

Bandhana Yoga causes jail – 

  • Ari Bandhana Yoga: The position of Saturn is the sole cause of this yoga. It is the result of prarabdha karma which is carried over from past lives. If the native gets cursed on the past life due to his sins, he lands in heavy sorrow, disillusionment, strong enemies, physical and mental ailment and even defect. People, who make a living from anti-social means, are prey to Ari Bandhana Yoga.
  • Vir Bandhana Yoga: If you have fought a war, captured by enemies in a recent past, you are a hostage to Vir Bandhana Yoga. Civil wars, terrorism, naxalism, mob fights that lead you to end up in jail are the result of Vir Bandhana Yoga. Likewise, people who commit murders, rape and white collar offences also radiate the potential existence of this yoga.
  • Naga Bandhana Yoga: People, who commit cyber-crime, offend someone in public, promote religious intolerance, and engage in illegal mining hint at the existence of this Yoga. The major setback of this Yoga is that a major public face loss happens. People who violate the natural law and perform Black magic or witchcraft invite this yoga in their kundalis.
  • Ahi Bandhana Yoga:There are people who commit strange crimes. No wonder they indicate a twisted and cruel mind. Such mental imbalance comes from excessive greed and misdeeds which eventually leads to their downfall. This is the result of Ketu which is headless so prompts the native to engage in brainless activities. 

These are the ways Bandhana Yoga causes jail – There is no point thinking that Bandhana Yoga will ruin your life once and for all. There are varied remedies to curb this yoga. It will take a well-erudite astrologer to know your problem and prepare you to deal with it.

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