Astrological Remedies For Asthma

astrological remedies for Asthma

Astrological remedies for Asthma – A chronic respiratory disorder calls for immediate medical help but if your asthma is in its infantile years, you can definitely curb it through astrology.

You know you have asthma when you have recurring allergies, problem in breathing and can’t adapt to the changing climatic conditions easily. Asthma appears in the very childhood of a person and worse still, it can be harmful for the foetus in the womb in care a pregnant woman has asthmatic spells. The oddities of Asthma are woefully stubborn that refuse to cure soon.

It is even a more sorry sight to see numbers of young children suffering from Asthma. Here, we are going to shed light on some astrological cures for the same.

What causes Asthma?

The Moon is a cold planet so if a person’s Moon is weak, he is likely to suffer from Asthma. Mercury also is the key signifier of Asthma disease whose weak positioning too afflicts a person with Asthma. If Moon and Mercury are in communion with some malefic planets the native will find is a herculean task to cure Asthma once and for all.

What are the astrological remedies for Asthma?

  • You can wear the determined gemstone for pacifying Moon and Mercury in your natal chart. Suggested gemstones are: Panna or Emerald for Mercury and Pearl for Moon.
  • Read Mercury and Moon Kwacha Path in the morning regularly to put an end to your Asthma.
  • A routine practise of meditation such as various inhalation exercises helps cure your Asthma like magic.
  • Take vapour with Thyme or Ajvaen soaked water regularly before hitting the bed.
  • If your small child is victimised by Asthma, make him wear a copper bangle in his right hand which is believed to subdue the ill-effects of the planets.
  • You are also suggested to drink water from a copper vessel as Copper is a metallic antidote to Asthma.

These are astrological remedies for Asthma – However, you must check the antecedents of the disease in your family as it is mostly inherited and seek medical help before it becomes terminal.

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