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Money mantra – It is the sole agenda of an entrepreneur to increase his profit as days wear on.

One, who is hell-bent on that account, will always walk the extra mile and put extra efforts. It is not always in your luck however, to achieve the success that you are rooting for. As business involves risks, you are likely to turn successive losses and have sleepless nights.

However long might the money take to warm up for you, the taste of it is always sweet. You must be prepared for every eventuality when you have signed up for the unpredictable profession but there is one way you can have steadfast income. Chanting the under mentioned mantra is the remedy we opine for:

The mantra – money mantra referred here is the Prayog to magnet flow of money and wealth in your house. The experiment has to be pursued during the period of Rohini Nakshatra. The fundamental requirement of performing the puja is a parasite tree that stemmed out of a cluster fig tree. One must empower the twig of the tree by chanting the money mantra in 108 repetitions and then plant it in their house. With the grown of the tree, your monetary crunch will wear thin with time.

What is the money mantra to attract monetary flow?

Chant the below mentioned mantra for 108 times to help boost the flow of money,

On NamoDhanadaayayiSwaha

Place the plant before you and light some incense sticks. Sit cross-legged before the plant and chant the mantra for consecutive 108 times as you bring all your concentration together. This way you can infuse the small branch with divine energy and you will be sorted for a lifelong financial outpour.

Some people also swear by Kuber Mantra as an alternative measure but this money mantra is infallible. Chant this for 5-6 consecutive days and you will start experiencing the positivity already.

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