These 5 Vastu Doshas Will Never Allow Positivity In Your House!

  • on November 8, 2016
Vastu Dosha

When a new house is bought each and every person wants a peaceful life with positive vibes. In the midst of it, Vastu Shanti should be necessarily done in new house.

Those who skip doing it suffer a lot of health problems and many tend to fall sick for a long time. In order to live a peaceful life one must always follow Vastu Shastra tips to welcome happiness inside the house.

Tips like keeping the house clean and putting a name plate with god’s name on it etc.

Therefore if you’re still not experiencing good things then you need to change these Vastu Dosh.

  1. It is a good thing to keep the house clean but that’s not enough. The outside of the house must be kept equally clean too. If right in front of your house there is a lot of dirt then it should be cleaned thoroughly.

Doing so will help you and your family members stay disease free.

  1. If right in front of your house there is a temple and you’re something wrong then it is believed that you will never receive positivity in your house and the members will even fall sick.
  2. If you have any tree e.g. Pipal tree surrounding your house then it can be bad too. Mostly the children can fall sick because Pipal tree are considered to be bad.
  3. Right in front of your house if there is any pot hole which is opened that it may indirectly affect your health. Also lot arguments will take place in-between you and your family members. So, make sure the hole is completely closed.
  4. You must take regular care of the plants that grow in front of courtyards. If the plants are dried then make sure you burn them because even the drying plants can increase the number of patients to fall sick.


These were the major defects of Vastu Dosh and you need to clear them first to welcome positivity in your house.

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