5 Simple Tasks of Holi Which Transform Bad Fortune to Good Fortune


Holi is not just the festival of colours. Holi is also considered the day of wealth gain in many places. Holi is known more for its Puja-Paddhati than colours in many parts of the country.

Today, we will tell you about a few simple measures, which, if taken by you, can change your fortune on Holi. These measures will work wonders for people whom luck is not favouring and people whose luck is simply not working –


  1. Hanuman Puja in the evening of Holika Dahan

People who are scared of their enemies and who are not being able to do anything, should do Hanuman Puja in the Hanuman Temple on the night of the Holika Dahan.  All their sorrows and sufferings will end after doing this Puja.


2. Vishnu Pujan on the day of Holika Dahann

On the day of Holika Dahan, if anyone arranges for Lord Vishnu’s Katha, then Lord Vishnu considers that devotee as Prahlad. Prahlad had worshipped Lord Vishnu at that time when sins after sins were being committed all around. Such sins are being committed today also in Kali Yuga/Kalyug, hence if you arrange for Lord Vishnu’s Katha as a devotee on the day of Holika Dahan, all your sorrows will end.


3. Remember Lord Shiva

On the day of Holi, Lord Shiva is worshipped following all the right rituals in many tribal places of South India since years now. People who worship Lord Shiva on this day with cow’s milk and Gangaajal, all their wishes are fulfilled by Lord Shiva.  This should be done in the morning.


4. Nimboo, a strong measure

On the night of Holika Dahan, keep a clean nimboo inside the home temple. After half the night passes by, go to the street crossroads or chaurahe, cut the nimboo into 4 pieces and throw them in 4 different directions. Don’t look back and just come back home, do Bhagwaan ka dhyaan, and go to sleep.  All your good work will be done after this.


5. Do Kuber Pujan in the evening

If you are facing money related problems in your life, then bring a Kuber Yantra to your house and do the Puja on the Holika Dahan night. If you do not want a Kuber Yantra, you can get the Kuber Pujan done on this day and ask Lord Kuber to provide solutions to your problems.


You can take these 5 simple measures on the Holika Dahan day and night, and improve your bad fortune and also transform it to good fortune.


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