How To Take Care Of Your Skin As Per Your Zodiac Sign?

skin care as per zodiac signs

Skin care as per zodiac signs – Your skin is the mirror of your overall health.

The blemishes or the irritations that show up on the face are redolent of an upset internal health. Your skin faces the fallout of age and begins to hang loosely being ripped off collagen. It even becomes way fragile than it was in your youths beneath the surface where the dermis and epidermis meet. Furthermore, there are UV Rays and indiscriminate lifestyle habits whose encumbrances beget wrinkles sooner than expected. So, taking a good care of your skin is an imperative when you are in the threshold of 30.

You can align yourself with the masterly beauty regimen meant for you zodiac sign as you draw inspiration from below.

What are the different skin care as per zodiac signs?

Skin care as per zodiac signs –


The ambitious and determined Aries often complain about recurring rashes and inflammations. So, to deal with this problem, you can tone down the heat by using rose water or cucumber juice straight out from the refrigerator. There are other ingredients and aroma oils that work wonders for your skin are Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Lavender etc. Remember to spray a cotton ball with your preferred toner and apply generously over the face and neck before sleep.


The stubborn Taurus often falls prey to patchy and dry skin so they require the bets exfoliation for the same. Try sweet almond oil, apricot powder, milk, sesame oil for exfoliating your skin as home remedies. There are varied products available in the market to serve your purpose so pick yours already.


The indecisive Gemini needs to stick to a given routine. As they are prone to respiratory allergies so they need to choose the products that don’t disturb their throat and lungs. So you better opt for Aloe Vera, sweet almond and Jojoba oils as toners for your skin.


Jojoba oil and sesame oil are equally beneficial for the unpredictable and emotional Cancer as the Geminis. They are also prone to allergies like their zodiacal predecessors so same measures for skin care should be adapted by them.


The confident, creative and dominating Leos often are victim to Flaky skin. The main drawbacks about their lifestyle are that they indulge in junk food and waste time in beauty fads. So, you are required to avoid oily food to curb those blemishes and pimples and use good acne removal creams. As home remedies, Jojoba oil and Rose water are highly effective as antioxidants.


The intelligent and practical Virgos tend to over-analyse things that prey on the mental health which eventually show up on the skin as wrinkles. So to avert wrinkles you can use chamomile and sandalwood oil before going to bed.


The charming and romantic Librans need to take care of their complexion as a priority. The most exotic complexion care products in the markets are your sure go-to in that regard.


The passionate, loyal and sensual Scorpios need to take care of their overall body to fuel the sensual energy and will power. You can use a few drops of sandalwood, patchouli or lavender oil before or after bath all over your body to feel rejuvenated and let your skin breathe.


The adventurous Sagittarians are also required to stick to a premeditated skincare routine. The aromatherapy skin toners are their pick as they are more prone to skin irritations than other sun signs. A few splashes or cold water after leaving the bed in morning is highly effective to tone down the inner heat.


The goal achieving and ambitious Capricorns need to save some time from their busy schedule for taking care of their skin. Essential oils such as peppermint or geranium are highly recommended that play as anxiety removers from skin.


The unconventional and rebellious Aquarians are recommended to use Rose water and Lemon juice as staples for their skin.


The empathetic and compassionate Pisceans get physically sick pretty easily. No wonder it takes a toll on their skin in no time. So they need to take care of their overall physical health and for the skin care part, the essential aroma oils such as rosemary, ylang ylang, sweet almonds are their sure go-to.

Skin care as per zodiac signs – Above are the different skin care patterns for people belonging to different zodiacs. But to top it all, it needs your dedication and passion to hold back age to stick to the routine.

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