In today’s times, that is, Kalyug, elders shouldn’t bless those younger to them because…

  • on February 27, 2017

From morning to evening, we bless our younger ones numerous times in a day. A father blesses his son and a mother, her daughter, so that they live long. An elder brother is seen blessing his younger brother, but if our conduct and behaviour are not in accordance with religion, then our blessings may anytime turn into a curse. If you have read the Ramayana, you will find that Ravana never ever blesses anybody. Ravana used to warn others to be careful and was also capable and ready to help others, but he never used to bless anyone. Come, today, we will tell you about what kind of people shouldn’t bless the small and young lot.

1.Those who trouble others and make them suffer

Those who are unfair and unjust to the poor or steal the rights of others, such people’s blessings are equal to poison and when they bless their loved ones, their near and dear ones can never progress and succeed in life.  Some examples can be the children who transform into antisocial elements and very few of them end up being successful.

2. Those who are jealous of other’s progress and success

Those people who are jealous of other people’s success and progress, shouldn’t give their blessings nor should anyone seek their blessings, as such jealous people’s blessings don’t take time to transform into a curse.

3. Those who are not genuine and just in relationships

Those who are not genuine, committed and just in the relationships formed by God or those who do not respect their parents, they too shouldn’t give blessings.

4. Those who are driven by sexual desires

People whose minds are always occupied with sexual thoughts, don’t even think of blessing your children or anyone younger to you. When such people bless children, their negative powers and energies automatically spread and transfer.

5. One whose conduct is not in accordance with religion

Please guard against seeking the blessings of people who do not have a religious conduct. Such people bless less and curse more. Such individuals do not know what to say to whom and their words can turn into a curse for children.

Thus, only those individuals should bestow their blessings who have distanced themselves from worldly attachments and whose minds are as pure as Gangajal. If anyone can bless others, it’s the Sadhus as only their blessings come true.


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