This Is The Phobia That You Have, According To your Zodiac Sign! 

Phobia according to zodiac sign

Phobia according to zodiac sign – There are many phobias that people have.

Which one do you have? Having phobia is really very irritating, right?

Phobia, an irritational FEAR, is a kind of anxiety disorder in which the individual has a relentless dread of a situation, living creature, place etc. If you have a phobia, you’re more likely to experience a deep sense of dread or PANIC while encountering the source of fear.

Thus, this is the Phobia according to zodiac sign.

Phobia according to zodiac sign –

  1. ARIES

ATELOPHOBIA – Arians have a FEAR of not doing something right. Every time they decide to do something important, they secretly fear that they end up doing it wrong etc.


METATHESIOPHOBIA – Taurus’ like to stay in their comfort zone because they fear change. Change is something that they’re scared of.


EREMOPHOBIA – Gemini’s don’t want to be alone. Yes, they don’t want to end up being alone in their life. They fear loneliness a lot.


AGORAPHOBIA – There’s a reason why Cancerians like to stay at home or at places where there are not enough people. Cancerians have a fear of being present in the crowded places.

They don’t like the chaos.

  1. LEO

ZELOPHOBIA – As we all know, that Leo’s are independent souls and they want others to be the same way. Leo’s are also known to be possessive lovers. In relationships, they fear jealousy a lot.

  1. VIRGO

ATAXOPHOBIA – IF you’re planning to take a Virgo at your place, then kindly make sure to keep your clean. They don’t like places that are messy.

  1. LIBRA

DECIDOPHOBIA – No doubt, Librarians’ are good at their creative work. But, there’s one thing that they FEAR a lot and i.e. making decisions.


MYCOPHOBIA – Scorpions have a mushroom phobia.


CLAUSTROPHOBIA – Yes, Sagittarians have a fear of living in a small room that has no escape route. They just can’t imagine themselves in such places, at all.


COULROPHOBIA – Keep the clowns away from them. They have a fear of clowns and they panic very easily.


ARACHIBUTYROPHOBIA – This might seem weird to others, but it is a phobia that exists. This phobia means the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.


GENIOPHOBIA – Believe it or not, this phobia exists too. Pisceans have this phobia which means having a fear of having chins.

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