How To Connect With Your Spiritual Self Through Meditation

Procedure of meditation

Procedure of meditation – Meditation is the most required exhumation of your inner-psyche.

We as Hindus have come to believe that our souls are mere fragments of the supreme entity and we are here to serve a purpose. More often than not, the purpose is transposed with greed and other morasses of the material world. Self-realization and coveting for redemption are the humanly measures to unite with God. If not that, at least sanctifying one’s soul of everything diabolic or prostrating before God gets us to connect with our heightened self. This is the trigger switch of our happiness and the undisputed morale boosting drive.

Your higher-self resides in the Ether or the metaphysical realm. Connecting with the spiritual-self ignites knowledge and magnifies your purpose of existence.

How can you establish a connection with the higher-self through meditation?

You are required to unearth the wisdom that is holed up within you to begin with. Meditating is the alternative of talking to you without the audible words. While you conjure all your attention in the middle of two eyebrows, the disorderly thoughts are tamed right away thereby distinguishing the clutter of your brain from profound wisdom.

Meditation is the far-fetched process of attaining divine grace and invoking all sorts of positivity. If a man meditates regularly for at least ten minutes in the day, he is sure to unleash the wiser and calmer version of the self. Meditation opens a window to access your truest self and the person learns about his purpose in this world.

Here under are a few pointers that guide you into the procedure of meditation:

Procedure of meditation –

  • Align your thoughts to identify your comforts and discomforts and take a deep breath.
  • You are required to put on a mellow light while meditating coupled with some soft music.
  • Sit in a lotus position and bring all your concentration between the two eyebrows and think about something that pleases you.
  • Chant ‘AUM’ while meditating. Make sure the sound is raised from your Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra.
  • Your breath should be normal in the meanwhile with your concentration intact.
  • Keep a gentle smile on your face.

This is a Procedure of meditation – Above is the process of removing junk from your mind and rekindling your cerebral side.

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